Hours & Benefits

Although student employees are not eligible for traditional benefits such as medical insurance, leave time or holiday pay, there are many benefits available to federal/institutional work-study student employees.

Campus position supervisors will schedule student work hours around your class schedule. You'll also get valuable work experience, insight into a career path or job field, money to help with college expenses and, possibly, good references for future resumes.

Federal/Institutional work-study student employees may work up to 5 hours per week, unless determine otherwise. The actual work schedule is set by the position supervisor, who is generally flexible in scheduling student employees.

A maximum level of earnings has been set for each student.

To be able to continue working all academic year, the number of hours worked must not exceed 5 hours per week under any circumstances or 20 hours per month.

The federal work-study coordinator will determine the actual number of hours you work per week.
Federal work-study student employees generally do not work during periods when classes are not in session at the college, including the winter break between semesters, spring break and during finals week, unless determined otherwise.