Are you interested in medicine, pharmaceuticals, engineering or other STEM related fields?   Then consider the Mathematics & Science department at PCC as part of your journey.  We are committed to small class sizes, personalized attention and active development of courses to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s student.  We offer traditional, online, and hybrid courses all of which are supported by quality instructors, an on-campus student success center, and both in-person tutoring and online tutoring services. 

 We look forward to seeing you on campus!

PCC Mathematics Faculty

  • Karen Adams
  • Mike Jackson
  • Sarah Jackson

PCC Science Faculty

  • Paul Primrose - Chemistry/Geology
  • Jason Ghumm- Biology
  • Kip "Dave" Chambers- Environmental Science
  • Justin Maughan - Physics/Science

Recent News and Events

PCC Biology Class Partners with KDWP for River Project

PCC Faculty Bring Hands-On Science Show to Skyline Middle School

PCC Biology Students Make Cheese in Science Lab

Pratt CC's STEM Club Performs Science Show at USD 332 Cunningham

PCC Science Show at Pratt Public Library

New! STEM Club

A new, student-led Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Club was started on campus in the Spring of 2023. Read more about the club on our STEM Club web page.

Watch Science in Action

PCC Faculty Visits St. John 

PCC Faculty Visit USD 254 Medicine Lodge

PCC Faculty Visit USD 349 Stafford Schools

PCC Science Show at Skyline

Pratt CC's STEM Club Performs Science Show at USD 332 Cunningham