PCC Scholarships

Thank you for your interest in Pratt Community College scholarships. PCC offers a variety of scholarships opportunities to students including Academic, Athletic, Foundation and Transfer Scholarships. Click on the icons to learn more!





Scholarship Application

The Scholarship Application is available through the students E-Central Portal located here: 

Scholarship Application

*** In order to access the Scholarship Application, you must have applied to Pratt Community College already and received your PCC Username and Password. ***
If you are unsure of your PCC Credentials, please contact the PCC Admissions Office here: pccadmissions@prattcc.edu.

General Scholarship requirements:

  • Scholarships will be limited to 18 semester hours with an allowance of 9 semester hours for developmental courses.
  • The GPA requirements for retention of PCC scholarships are 2.0 with the following exceptions:
    • Above and Beyond, Awards of Excellence would remain as published in the college catalog.
    • Scholarship limits that may be established by the donor of a particular scholarship.
  • Students receiving scholarship awards in the amount of $500 or greater will be required to enroll in 16 credit hours per semester, with a minimum of 32 credit hours per academic year, to retain their scholarship award.
    • Exceptions to this requirement can be authorized by the administration in isolated cases of just cause. 
  • The loan of books scholarship will be limited to 18 semester hours. Workbooks and other materials are not part of this scholarship.
  • PCC Online courses are eligible to be included in scholarship aid.
  • EduKan courses count in meeting the credit hour requirement but are NOT eligible for scholarship aid.

High School student Earn as you Learn (EAYL) Scholarship:

The Earn as You Learn scholarship  (EAYL) is awarded to high school students enrolled in College Start courses based on grades earned.

Kansas Promise Scholarship 

The Kansas Promise Scholarship is another scholarship opportunity available through the State of Kansas.