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The College Start Program at Pratt Community College was started as a partnership with area high schools to help their students get a jump start on their college career. These students are provided the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school.

Glossary of terms: College StartCareer Technical Education and Excel in CTE

College Start is a program at Pratt CC that offers college credit to sophomore, junior and senior students in high school.

Career Technical Education (CTE) courses are classes within the College Start program that are of a technical nature.

Excel in CTE is an incentive program by the state of Kansas to encourage enrollment in technical courses, free of tuition. Non-technical pathways are also available in the College Start program at a reduced cost.

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There are three ways that College Start courses are accomplished:

1. Area high schools offer courses at the high school with instructors that are certified through PCC to teach college credit. Check with your high school counselor to see what courses are available at your school.

2. Area high school students come and take classes at PCC just as a full-time college student would.

3. All high school students may take online PCC classes on their own time. Students can take classes through PrattOnline using Canvas or through EduKan.
If your student is interested in participating in the Pratt Community College College Start Program please see your high school counselor or contact the College Start office at 620.450.2217 or

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    Excel in CTE Courses 2024-2025 

    More information about the High School CTE program can be found on the High School Career Technical Education web page.

    Student Testimonials:

    “It was really helpful that I was able to incorporate PCC classes into my high school schedules so that I could work on classes during school or go out to the campus. I think that it is really beneficial to start taking college classes while in high school.  It can help students get into the workforce faster.”
    -Randi Hoffman, earned Associate of Science in Biology, graduating from Skyline High School and PCC, Spring 2023.

    "I went to PCC so I could take college classes while still in high school. I’m happy about being able to do that because I could get a discount on my college classes and be finished with school two years sooner." 
    -Riley Prosser, earned CNA certificate and AAS Degree in Pre-Nursing, graduating from Pratt High and PCC May 2022.

    "I grew up in the shop with my dad and have always loved working on vehicles and the satisfaction of a job well done. I had the opportunity to start the Automotive program as a senior in high school and after I graduated high school I finished the program at PCC."
    -Mason Welsch, PCC Automotive Technology graduate, runs auto shop with his dad in Trousdale, KS.

    Student Accomplishments: 

    CTE Welding students earn OSHA Certifications at Kingman High School, 2021.

    All-girls Welding clinic held by PCC at Kingman High School, 2022.

    Watch Automotive Technology CTE students earn real-life experience by working on vehicles at our facility in Kingman, KS.