The College will reimburse reasonable and ordinary travel expenses deemed necessary by the administration for the conduct and support of the college mission. Funds will not be used to support activities or positions that are contrary to policy or that are considered by the President as not being in the best interests of the College.

Travel requests when the travel is out-of-state or the total amount of the trip is more than $1,000 must go through Financial Working Group for approval prior to travel occurring. Claims for reimbursement must be presented on a College Travel Request and Expense Reconciliation Voucher. Detailed written receipts from the vendor must be submitted for all travel expenditures. Credit card receipts with amounts only will not be accepted.

Reimbursement will not be allowed for alcohol, tips in excess of 20 percent, personal telephone calls, in-room hospitality bars, entertainment, or room service except as noted elsewhere in this policy. Reimbursement will not be allowed for beverages, snacks and desserts that are not purchased with a meal or as a meal. Room service charges will be allowed only under extreme circumstances. Such circumstances would be late arrival, illness, etc.

It is preferable that all College travel will be made in College owned vehicles as noted in Policy 500-06, however employees may choose to use their private vehicle, which will be reimbursed at a rate set by the college. Use of a rental car while on college business requires prior approval from the Vice-President of Finance & Operations or the President.

Airline travel will be at the lowest fare possible and will be limited to coach fare. If the employee is given permission in advance to take a personal vehicle, the maximum mileage reimbursement will be the lowest quoted airfare. One day drive time will be allowed each way. Additional days must be taken as vacation or personal leave. Meal and lodging reimbursement will be limited to one day each way.

Meal and lodging reimbursements will be allowed as follows:
If the employee is away from their place of residence prior to 7:00 a.m., breakfast reimbursement not to exceed $12 will be allowed, lunch reimbursement, not to exceed $15, will be allowed if travel requires the employee to be away from their principal work location between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. If an employee does not return to their place of residence until after 7:00 p.m., dinner reimbursement of up to $20 will be allowed.

Meal reimbursements will be non-taxable to the employee if the meal expenses are incurred while the employee is traveling away from their principal work location as detailed above and meals associated with the conduct of college business if there is a clear business reason for incurring the expense. The receipts must be itemized and have the guests’ name(s) and the business purpose of the meeting.

If the meal does not fall under the above circumstances, the meal expense will be considered taxable income to the employee if they are approved for reimbursement. If meal expenses are reimbursed and are deemed taxable income, the amount of the expense will be added to the employee’s gross wages as taxable income. Social security and income tax withholding will be withheld for the amount of the reimbursement.

Lodging rates will be limited to $125 per night. Meal and lodging rates will be increased for high cost areas such as New York, Washington DC, and California. For other potential high cost areas check with the Vice President of Finance and Operations prior to travel. In high cost areas the daily meal allowance will be: Breakfast $16, Lunch $17, Dinner $28.

Travel expenditures are exempt from Kansas sales tax if paid for with college funds. A copy of the college’s exemption certificate is required by all vendors to be eligible for the sales tax exemption. Employees should secure copies of the exemption certificate from accounts payable prior to traveling.
The rates as outlined are maximum limits. The Director of Athletics, Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management and individual club sponsors will determine limits for student travel and/or meals.

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