Electrical Power Technology

Program Features

Pratt Community College offers one of the most comprehensive Electrical Power Lineman Programs in the nation. One of only three in the state of Kansas, it offers students a variety of convenient ways to attend classes through on campus courses, distance education and on the job training. The program is offered at four locations: Pratt, Coffeyville, Wichita, Dodge City and Online.

New EPT Major

Brand new in Fall 2022, in addition to the outstanding lineman program on our Pratt campus, is the Electrical Power Technology Support Specialist (EPTSS) program that trains on the ground only. The Support Specialist pathway is a great option for students interested in career options that do not involve aspects of EPT lineman training such as pole climbing.

EPTSS students enroll in many of the same lecture classes as other EPT students but over the course of the program, will enroll in four classes designed for the EPT support specialist program, with a different lab and field experience. 

Students in the Support Specialist program will receive training that prepares them for a start in any of the following pathways:

Warehouse & Stores
Maintain gear, supplies, parts and storage for maintenance and/or repair of systems for a utility company.

System Control
Oversee grid operations from a set of computer consoles within a control center. Communicate with field crews, general personnel, substation personnel, and other system operators within utility and with neighboring utilities.
Substation Technician

Overall maintenance at a substation, to inspect, maintain, and monitor all equipment, including power converters, circuit breakers, and voltage transformers.
Underground System Crewman
Install, maintain and repair Underground Residential Distribution (URD) systems using specialized equipment and tools. Many electrical distribution systems have been installed underground in recent years for protection from storms and aesthetic reasons.
Overhead System Groundman
Assist linemen with construction and maintenance of power lines, working on the ground below the lines, prepping necessary materials and tools to other workers, such as conduit and cables.
Customer Service
Talk to customers of utility companies about billing, outages, communicate with field crews and personnel, overall knowledge of system.

Both EPT and EPTSS students will complete requirements to earn a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

**The Support Specialist program is available only on the Pratt campus at this time.

Students interested in EPT or EPTSS program options need to start the process by completing the EPT tour request form

Kansas Promise Scholarship Opportunities

Electrical Power Technology program students from Kansas are eligible for the Kansas Board of Regents Promise Act Scholarship. This scholarship is a last dollar scholarship, which means that a student may receive a scholarship in the amount of aggregate tuition, required fees, books and materials minus all other financial aid (including grants and scholarships) that does not require repayment.

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Earn Your Degree While Working

The EPT programs offered by PCC are available online to any student accepted in the country. Online EPT students are required to be accepted into an entry-level apprenticeship with an electrical company to fulfill the lab and field training portion of the degree program. General education courses and EPT required courses are available online for distance students.

About the Career

Electrical Power-Line Installer and Repairer

This career has grown by 5% over the last 2 years, and is expected to grow by 10% over the next 10 years. Currently 576 Electrical Power-Line Installers and Repairers are employed in the region.

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Checklist and Application Requirements

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