Individual Success Coaching

Connect with us to schedule an initial appointment to talk through support networks, discuss goals, and get connected with campus resources. Meet with your Success Coaches to find out more information about the success coaching process and how to schedule your initial appointment.

Case Management

We have all been there - that class that did not go as planned, a major or career path that was not what you expected, or a semester where life obstacles happened and took our attention from classes. We can ignore it, or we can choose to embrace it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what motivates us.

Accommodation and Counseling Services

We are your first point of contact when requesting accommodations services from PrattCC. We will  process and review all requests for academic accommodations and liaison with faculty to ensure they are aware of any student academic accommodations. We provide mental health services and outreach to support PrattCC students. Our services are free of charge, if you are needing someone to talk please reach out to us! Suicide & Crisis Lifeline - 988

Data-Informed Practices

Our office leverages data-informed practices to bolster student retention, persistence, and completion rates. We utilize data-informed practices coupled with an understanding of our students' diversity to advocate for removing barriers stopping students from achieving their goals.

Academic Advising

The Student Success Center is your first stop in the enrollment process! During your initial visit, we will help you decide on your major and assign you to an academic advisor to guide you during your academic experience at Pratt Community College.

Click here for a full list of our Academic Programs.