*A hard copy (paper) college transcript is considered official if it comes to the Pratt CC Registrar or Assistant Registrar in an unopened envelope sealed by the sending institution. The document itself should contain the signature or seal of the Registrar from the sending institution. For electronic transcripts, they must be received through eScrip-Safe, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse or any other nationally recognized e-Delivery system.

Any transcripts that do not meet this criteria can still be used for advising and enrollment, but cannot be used to transfer college credit.

A paper high school transcript is considered official if it comes to the Registrar’s office in an unopened envelope sealed by the sending institution. Electronic transmissions are official if received through National Clearinghouse or Parchment. PCC's COVID-19 exception allows an email submission of a high school transcript sent to registrar@prattcc.edu to be considered official if it is sent by a high school official such as the Counselor, Principal or Registrar, and sent from their official school email address to registrar@prattcc.edu. It must also contain a graduation date and a signature from your school's administrator. Please note that transcripts with projected (future) graduations are NOT considered official.

For GED’s, you may request an official transcript from the testing facility or your state’s education governing body.

If you are home-schooled, please check with your state’s department of education for rules on creating official transcripts to insure recognition from secondary education institutions.

PCC does accept hand-carried SEALED transcripts. However, the Registrar does reserve the right to validate the information with the sending institution.

Pratt Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide electronic transcript ordering via the Web. You will need the following to order a transcript:

  • Major credit card - credit card will only be charged after your order has been completed.
  • Working email address
  • Email address for the receiving institution and/or individual.

To order an official transcript, login to the Clearinghouse secure site:
The site will walk you through placing your order, including delivery options and fees. You can order multiple transcripts in a single session. A processing fee will be charged per recipient. Order updates will be emailed to you. You can also track your order online.

IMPORTANT: You cannot complete this transaction on a mobile device, such as a tablet (e.g., iPad) or phone (e.g., iPhone).