Board Policies

Policy Namesort descending Policy Number
Affirmative Action 4-02
Agreement Between Pratt Community College & Area Vocational School and Pratt Higher Education Association 5-10
Alcohol Exemption Policy 3-10
Americans with Disabilities (ADA) 4-03
Asset Protection 3-09
Board Planning and Agenda 1-05
Budgeting 3-02
Business Authorization 3-06
By-Laws 1-04
Code of Ethics for Trustees 1-03
Communication and Counsel to the Board 3-08
Compensation and Benefits 3-04
Delegation to the President 5-01
Disclosure of Substantial Interests by Trustees 1-07
Equal Employment Opportunity, Equal Education Opportunity 4-04
Equipment Purchasing Policy for Federal Grants 3-07a
Evaluation 5-05
Financial Condition 3-05
Freedom of Expression in the Fine and Performing Arts 4-05
General Executive Limitations 3-01
Gift Policy and Procedures 4-10
Governance 1-01
Governing Style 1-02
Institutional Core Values 2-04
Micro-purchase Policy for Federal Grants 3-07b
Mission Statement and Statement of Institutional Purpose 2-01
Monitoring Presidential Performance 5-02
Nepotism 5-06
Position Description for Board of Trustees 1-08
Public Records and Providing Access Thereto 4-01
Purchasing 3-07
Role and Responsibility for Student Success 4-08
Scholarship Policy for Pratt County High School Senior Grant 7-01
Senior Level Administration Residency Policy 5-03
Standards of Good Practice 1-06
Statement of Philosophy 2-02
Succession Plan for Presidency 5-07
Treatment of Personnel 3-03
Trustee/Board Development and Travel Policy 4-11
Vision Statement 6-01