The PCC College Start Program offers classes to high school students at a discounted rate. The 2024-2025 rates are $96 per credit hour.

Some of our classes also fall under Career and Technical Education classes or CTE. These classes are offered to high school students tuition free.

The intention of the CTE program is to offer tuition free college credits in technical education programs to high school students, while they complete high school diplomas. Pratt Community College is committed to providing onsite (at the high school and college campus) and online CTE courses to high school students throughout south central Kansas. Students in these classes may be required to pay special fees. Qualifying Courses Click Here!

High school students may take Edukan classes at our regular rate of $150 per credit hour. Select EduKan classes are eligible for CTE Tier-Funding, covering the cost of course tuition.

Setting up a Payment Plan on Self Service:

1. Navigate to Select Students from the dropdown list under the login tab.

2. Enter your login information. For details on how to access Self-Service, please click here.

3. Once you have logged into Self Service, Select the Finances Tab. 

4. Payment Plan will appear as an option, underneath the Finances tab, at the top of the page. Select Payment Plan.

5. You will be presented with a notification that you will need your student ID, balance due, and payment information. Select Continue

6. On the next screen, you will need to enter Kansas in the state field, Pratt Community College in the payment entity field and Tuition and Fees in the plan group.

7. Click Continue. Follow the remaining steps to complete your payment plan.