Pratt Community College services 13 area high schools with college credit classes being taught by high school instructors on the high school campus and/or PCC instructors traveling to the high schools to teach. Concurrent courses are taught face-to-face or via ITV at the high school or via the internet to fit your schedule. We have approximately 600 junior and senior High School students that participate in the College Start Program each semester that are earning college credits.

To find out which courses are offered at your high school, contact your high school counselor or click here.

Pratt Community College Service Area High Schools:

Attica High School, USD 511
Contact: Amber Hilger

Chaparral High School, USD 361
Contact: Jennifer Clark

Cunningham High School, USD 332
Contact: Lance McGuire

Kiowa County High School, USD 422
Contact: Melanie Deterding

Kingman High School, USD 331
Contact: Becky Hegler

Macksville High School, USD 351
Contact: Michelle Blaske

Medicine Lodge High School, USD 254
Contact: Cheryl Theis

Norwich High School, USD 331
Contact: Lydia Loveland

Pratt High School, USD 382
Contact: Lori Myers

Skyline High School, USD 438
Contact: Sarah Lewton

Stafford High School, USD 349
Contact: Kristin Ketter

South Barber High School, USD 255
Contact: Jessica Chegwidden