The Earn as You Learn Scholarship (EAYL) is awarded to each student that earns an A or B in a College Start class. Up to nine (9) scholarship credits may be earned per semester. Each credit hour of scholarship earned will be credited to the student's account at Pratt Community College.
*Please Note: Scholarship credits apply to books and tuition only. Fees are not covered by any scholarship at PCC. Scholarship credits cannot be redeemed for EduKan courses. 


1. Students must receive an A or B to qualify for the credits. No other grades qualify.
2. This scholarship can only be used once you graduate high school. Per federal law, an individual may not receive any scholarships as a high school student.
3.The scholarship may not be used for summer or evening classes before the student’s graduation from high school. This scholarship cannot be applied to EduKan courses or  fees. 
4.The tuition credits will expire two (2) years after the high school graduation date.
5. This scholarship may be used at any PCC site. EAYL credits must be applied towards a student balance before any other scholarships can be.
6. The EAYL awards are not transferable. These credits are only valid through Pratt Community College.