Pratt Community College Announces Formation of Partnership with Barton Community College for ADN Nursing Program

17 September 2021


SEPT 17, 2021

Pratt Community College Announces Formation of Partnership with Barton Community College for ADN Nursing Program

During the quarterly board meeting with the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KBSN), a proposal for Pratt Community College (PCC) to partner with Barton Community College (BCC) for the delivery of the Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) program on the Pratt Community College campus was approved.

PCC has continuously offered the Pre-Nursing and Practical Nursing (PN-LPN) programs on campus, along with the CNA, CMA and Home Health programs in Allied Health without interruption, but the conditional facilitation of the ADN program was discontinued in June 2021.

Pratt Community College president Dr. Michael Calvert is pleased the partnership between PCC and Barton will restore the ADN curriculum back to the Pratt County area.

“We are grateful the State Board saw the need for the ADN training in our area, and we are grateful Barton Community College is willing to partner with us in that endeavor. We are also able to offer a mutual benefit for students that may wish to continue their training in Barton Community College programs upon completing their training at Pratt Community College.”

Barton will now seek final approval from the Accreditation Commission for Nursing Education (ACEN) before implementing the ADN program at Pratt Community College, expected to begin for the Fall 2022 semester.

Barton Community College Vice-President of Instruction Elaine Simmons appreciates the opportunity to expand education and training services in healthcare.

“Partnerships are an essential ingredient to higher education operations and provide an opportunity to expand education and training service to communities, employers and students. Barton looks forward to extending its Associate Degree in Nursing (RN) program in the Pratt and surrounding community area. We appreciate the collaboration with Pratt Community College and the support extended from the healthcare industry.  We celebrate the recent approval received from the Kansas State Board of Nursing to offer the program and look forward to a similar outcome with the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) as we seek program accreditation.”

The KSBN also approved a hybrid learning format for the LPN program at Pratt Community College for the Fall 2022 school year. This allows Pratt Community College to extend access to the program by delivering live lectures via Zoom to students unable to travel to the Pratt area. Clinicals for LPN students can be completed on campus at PCC, or at an approved health care facility near the student’s location.

In order to meet the market and environmental demands of years past, PCC has participated in successful program partnerships across multiple locations in the state of Kansas, and established the technology needed for quality hybrid delivery practices in a variety of programs.

PCC is proud to continue moving forward in a partnership with Barton Community College to help meet the increasing and urgent demands for qualified healthcare professionals in Kansas.

Posted September 17, 2021

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