PCC Hosts College Planning Conference
October 12, 2021

Pratt Community College hosted the College Planning Conference on campus at Dennis Lesh Sports Arena.

High school students had the opportunity to meet with numerous colleges and universities to start planning for a college career.

PCC will also host Tech Day on November 10. Students can visit the Pratt Community College campus and meet with faculty from our outstanding Technical Programs. Register for Tech Day today! 

College Planning Conference at PCC, Oct 2021.


Spring 2022 Enrollment Now Open
October 12, 2021

PCC just announced Spring 2022 Enrollment information.

See the flyer for tuition and scholarship information for the situation that best suits your need.

Classes begin January 12, 2022.

View the Spring 2022 Class Schedule for course offerings and delivery styles.

Contact Admissions when you are ready to get the enrollment process started!

Spring 2022 Enrollment Flyer full-size


PCC Students Earn Forklift Certifications
October 08, 2021

Welding and Ag Power Technology students at Pratt Community College earned Forklift Certifications.

The course includes classroom instruction and a driving skills test on campus at the Ag Power facility.

Students that earned the forklift certification:

Clay Arensdorf Braydon Lemuz Kenny McCartney Jonathan Popovich Jonathan Ruckle Cayden Winter

This certification makes a great addition to a student’s resume when applying for internships and jobs in industry.

The course will be offered again this Spring by Ag Power instructor Ralph Williams (center).

Ag Power Partners with Local Businesses for Student Success
October 05, 2021

The Agriculture Technology program at PCC has a 100% job placement rate.

Instructor Ralph Williams takes a lot of phone calls from dealerships looking for quality hires, and those calls led to relationships and regular partnerships with big-name businesses in the form of equipment use, internships and job placement in the Pratt County area and beyond. 

KanEquip Pratt Manager Rodney Walker (middle) recently brought a new swather to the PCC campus, allowing Ag Power students an in-depth look at modern machinery, and a good test drive.

But first things first…

Kansas Art Guild Exhibit on Display at PCC
September 28, 2021

The Kansas Art Guild was formed in 1977 to support local creatives and offer a community where artists could meet and share ideas. 

Artists from all experience levels continue to meet once a month to learn from one another, as well as other well-renowned artists through critique and demonstrations. Guild members exhibit their artwork throughout the year in Kansas venues to display the work of their artists and share in the recognition.

Pratt Community College is proud to feature a Kansas Art Guild exhibit on campus in the Delmar Riney Art Gallery through November 18, 2021. …

PCC Biology Students Make Cheese in Science Lab
September 24, 2021

You never know what you’ll find inside a science lab on campus at Pratt Community College.

PCC Biology instructor and bacteria knowledge-connoisseur Jason Ghumm likes to keep it interesting and memorable for his students.

“We did a section over biotechnology with a subset of food microbiology. These are about how we use microbes to make products for consumption, industrial use, etc. We usually do a genetic engineering lab and make bacteria glow in the dark, but I wanted to try something different.”

An excellent way to use microbes in making products for consumption in…

September 17, 2021


SEPT 17, 2021

Pratt Community College Announces Formation of Partnership with Barton Community College for ADN Nursing Program

During the quarterly board meeting with the Kansas State Board of Nursing (KBSN), a proposal for Pratt Community College (PCC) to partner with Barton Community College (BCC) for the delivery of the Associate Degree of Nursing (ADN) program on the Pratt Community College campus was approved.

PCC has continuously offered the Pre-Nursing and Practical Nursing (PN-LPN) programs on campus, along with the CNA, CMA and…