Ag Students Smoke Brisket and Make Jerky for College Credit

13 April 2021

Smells waft down the halls of Gwaltney Hall as lessons in the AGR245 Elements of Meats class are in progress at PCC.

The smoky, savory smells of smoked brisket, that is. Smoking meat for college credit? Heck yes!

Ag instructor Lori Montgomery instructed students on the proper way to smoke and cut brisket for tenderness and a rich flavor. Students got to enjoy lunch at 9am as they studied muscle structure and different cuts of meat.

Smoked brisket in AGR245 Elements of Meats class in Ag program
Ag Instructor Lori Montgomery explaining how to cut different meats.

Students also made jerky of all types and textures, from turkey, beef, bison, lamb, and even an Impossible Meat protein jerky.

The Impossible Meat product was a different texture and didn’t take cure well before dehydration. It wasn’t a favorite, but it’s all about the hands-on learning in the classroom here.

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Making jerky in the Elements of Meats class at PCC
Jerky 3.png

Jerky 2.png

Jerky .png