Two PCC Students Named All-Kansas Scholars

Two Pratt Community College students were chosen to represent PCC for their achievements in academic excellence at the community college level for all of Kansas.

Riley Washington and Chariah Daniels were honored at an awards ceremony and luncheon held for All-Kansas Scholars in Junction City, Kansas. Students are selected based on outstanding academic achievement as well as accomplishments and services rendered outside the classroom.

Phi Theta Kappa members apply for the honor, and are chosen by faculty at their respective institutions. The All-Kansas Scholars from each of the 19 community colleges in Kansas make up the All State Academic Team for Kansas.

The Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society, the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees, and the presidents of the state's community colleges sponsor the All-Kansas Academic team.

Also in attendance were members of the students' families, Phi Theta Kappa sponsors Jason Ratcliffe and Angie Tatro, Vice President of Finance and Operations Kent Adams, and Trustee Ed Barrett.  

Riley Washington (left) and Chariah Daniels, PTK All-Kansas Scholars 2022.
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All-Kansas Scholars Awards ceremony and luncheon, 2022.
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