Special Needs Services Policy

The goal of Pratt Community College is to provide the best opportunity for student academic success. Therefore, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, special needs services are provided to achieve this goal. Under Section 504, a post-secondary student who is in need of academic accommodations or auxiliary aids is obligated to provide notification to the educational institution the nature of the disabling condition and the educational accommodations recommended by an evaluating professional. At PCC, the Student Success Specialists (SSS) are the initial point of contact for students with special needs. Students may indicate on the admissions form that assistance with academic accommodations is needed. Documentation of disability must be provided to the SSS, along with the student's request for accommodations. The institution must be given a reasonable amount of time to evaluate the student's request and determine what accommodations will be provided.

Upon receipt and assessment of the student's documentation by the SSS, a Student Success Team (SST), consisting of Student Success Specialists, the Director of the Student Success Center, the Vice President of Instruction and the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management will review each student's documentation and request for accommodations. The SST will approve or deny accommodations for each student requesting services.

The SSS will review each student’s academic progress regularly and a special needs student roster will be maintained. Each semester, the SSS will notify instructors of the approved academic accommodations for special needs students enrolled in their course(s).

A full array of services to students with disabilities may be provided, including but not limited to: materials in alternate formats; texts in audio format; test readers; computer assisted accommodations, altered examination schedules; digital voice recorders; note-takers; and scribes and alternative testing procedures. Tutoring is available to all PCC students at no charge. Sign language interpreters are available on a pre-arranged basis. For information regarding service animals, please refer to policy 500-11 Pets, Animals and College Facilities.

The institution will not provide for the personal needs of students, such as readers for personal use and study, personal care assistance, or individual study aids. Students requiring personal care assistance will be responsible for procuring those services for college sponsored events and other situations where appropriate, including additional tickets for transportation and lodging for overnight trips.

Students requesting special needs services and not receiving the accommodations they desire may appeal the decision of the SST by submitting a written appeal to the SST, through the SSS.

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Administrative Policy

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Monday, June 24, 2002

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019