Requests for References for Current or Former Employees

All requests for information about a current or former employee must be referred to the Personnel Office or to that person’s immediate supervisor for response. In the case of employees filling positions at the director’s level or above, in the absence of the supervisor, any requests must be referred to the President.
Telephone requests will be limited to confirming information stated by the external party.

Requests for information must be made in writing and accompanied by a release signed by the current or former employee.

The college will provide the following information:

  1. Date of Employment
  2. Pay Level
  3. Title of the position held; and
  4. Wage History

Data provided may also include the following information:

  1. Written employee evaluations which were conducted prior to the employee’s separation from the employer and to which the employee has been or will be given a copy upon request; and
  2. Whether the employee was voluntarily or involuntarily released from service and the reasons for the separation.

Any references given must be made in good faith, without malice, and the person giving the reference must have a factual basis for believing it to be true.

Responses to the requests will be made in writing and reviewed by the Personnel Office for content and accuracy. A copy of the request, the detailed response and the signed release will be placed in the individual’s personnel file.

Policy Number: 


Policy Type: 

Administrative Policy

Adoption Date: 

Monday, October 18, 1999

Review Date: 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Revision Date: 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018