mousetrap car used in contest at academic olympics at prattcc

Pratt CC welcomed 16 high schools and approximately 600 students to campus for the Academic Olympics event.

Students compete against other schools academically by taking tests, performing a task or submitting entries for judging in multiple categories. Subjects include Math, Science, English, Animal Science, Auto Mechanics, Art, Creative Writing, Vocal Solos and Duets and many others.

A Popsicle Bridge Contest was new for students this year. Students worked in teams to create a bridge with popsicle sticks on site. The bridges were then stress-tested to see how much weight they could take before breaking.

Another new event was the Mousetrap Car Contest. Students built Mousetrap Cars in advance and were scored based on the longest distance traveled within the course boundaries in Dennis Lesh Sports Arena.

The top 3 schools earning the most points overall:

Division I

  • Pratt High School – 1st place
  • Trinity Catholic High School – 2nd place
  • Central Christian School – 3rd place

Division II

  • Conway Springs High School– 1st place
  • Pretty Prairie High School– 2nd place 
  • Bucklin High School- 3rd place

View the top 3 placers in each category 

It’s always a big day with so many students on campus. Big thanks to PCC Communications and Journalism instructor Heather Wilson for spearheading the event, as well as the many faculty, staff and PCC student volunteers that help make it possible.

A big thank you also to the area schools for attending our Academic Olympics event, we love having you on campus!