Pizza with the President Event Resumes at PCC

PCC’s Pizza with the President event resumed during the Spring 2022 semester.

PCC President Dr. Michael Calvert meets with students in the residence halls on campus with a pizza dinner to talk with students and hear honest feedback about their experiences at PCC.

Students give shout outs, likes, dislikes and concerns. Residence Life staff take notes on all of the points discussed at each meeting. Student concerns are then presented by Dr. Calvert to the appropriate departments, members of cabinet and/or the Board of Trustees to be evaluated and addressed.

There are institutional processes that need to be followed for actions to be taken. Some changes are able to happen quickly, while others require discussion and decisions that take time. But issues that are important to students are heard, and the seeds for discussion are planted.

Dr. Calvert notes the importance of meeting with the student body at PCC.

“I am glad we were able to resume our Pizza with the President sessions this year. Due to Covid, we paused these activities and I missed meeting and interacting with the students each semester. We are always trying to improve the student experience and PCC, so what better way than to hear from current PCC students.”

The Pizza with the President event had a good turnout of students on campus. PCC students that do not live on campus are also invited to attend.