1. Registrar receives request for change of name (Last or Full Name).
  2. Registrar confirms legal documentation.
  3. Registrar goes over ramifications with student.
  4. If the student understands the ramifications and wishes to continue, the Registrar has the student sign the Name Change Authorization Document that explains the ramifications of the name change.
  5. Registrar then submits a ticket to IT Helpdesk for a name change.
  6. IT stops the synch process and informs the Registrar.
  7. The Registrar then changes the students name in Power Campus and notifies IT when complete.
    1. The Registrar notes the student’s previous name in the notes tab in the Student Workflow.
  8. IT then makes the appropriate changes to Office 365 and Sequel tables and lets the Registrar know when completed.
  9. The Registrar then informs the student that their name changes has been completed within the system.