Resident tuition classification is determined by criteria found in Kansas statutes and regulations of the Kansas Board of Regents.  Students are responsible for providing information sufficient to support their applications for resident classification.  The steps and requirements indicated below for information purposes.

  1. Fill out the Affidavit of Residency (Can be picked up or emailed from the Registrar). 
  2. In addition to the Affidavit being filled out, the student needs to provide three (3) of the following items: 
    1. Receipt for purchase of Kansas license tags dated at least 6 months before term starts.
    2. Receipt for payment of Kansas property taxes, dated at least 6 months before term starts.
    3. Employment verification or payroll check stubs from a Kansas employer or school attendance at________________________________ (college or university) commencing six (6) months prior to the first day of classes of the ___________________, 20 ___ for _______________ semester.
    4. Copy of voter registration in the State of Kansas dated at least six (6) months prior to the school term.
    5. Copy of Kansas driver’s license dated at least (6) months prior to the school term.
    6. Utility receipt and/or rent receipts continuously for the prior six (6) months.
    7. Verification from a Kansas resident that the above named student has resided with him/her/them for sixMonths before the school term starts.

More Information

Students with questions regarding resident tuition classification, or who would like application forms should contact:

Residency and Fees
Registrar – Pratt Community College
348 NE SR 61
Pratt, KS 67124