Adding a Class (On Campus Students)

Student can add additional courses to their schedule using the Change of Enrollment Form in their  ECentral account. Once submitted, the form will be sent to the students Advisor for approval before arriving at the Registrar's Office for processing.

A student may add a class only with advisor approval (and instructor approval if course ahs begun). This must occur within five (5) business days of the start date of the class. After that point, no late enrollment will be allowed. The Change of Enrollment Request through eTrieve must be processed with the Registrar before enrollment is official.


Dropping / Withdrawing From a Class

On Campus Students:  Students will complete the Change of Enrollment form in their ECentral account to drop or withdraw from course(s). In order to completely withdraw from all courses at Pratt CC, students will need to complete the Complete Exit form in their ECentral account.

Withdrawing from Pratt Community College can have a number of consequences beyond leaving courses.  Please consult your academic advisor before withdrawing from a class.

A withdrawal happens when a student officially withdraws from a course after the course's certification date, or when 25% of the course is completed. No student initiated withdrawals are permitted after 75% of a course is completed.

Adding/Dropped EDUKAN classes:  Please go to, Click on Enroll in Classes at the top of the page. Once you sign in you have the option to add or drop courses.  More information can be found on the EDUKAN Admissions webpage.

Adding / Dropping Classes for Pratt Online, Coffeyville and Winfield Students:  Please contact your advisor to add, drop, withdraw, or process a complete withdrawal.