Degree Completion and Application for Graduation Form

The requirements for degree completion are:

1. You must complete a minimum of 64 credit hours (15 of which are earned at PCC), with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Developmental courses do not count toward graduation requirements.

2. You must also meet the specific requirements for the desired degree.

3. You must sign up for and take the appropriate exit examination as determined by your department. Student Services will contact you during your last semester prior to graduation to schedule your exam.

(For more information, please contact the Student Success Center in Office 55.)


Upon graduating, a copy of your diploma will be mailed to your address on file. If you wish to update your address on file, please do so at

Please do not use dashes between numbers.
Graduation Ceremonies
PCC encourages your participation in the commencement ceremonies each May. Please fill our the requested information below if you will be participating in the graduation ceremony. Put N/A if not participating in the graduation ceremony.
If you are unsure, please enter "unsure".
What branch are you planning to enlist in? If you are unsure, please enter "unsure".

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