1. Enrollment. Each semester you will sit down with your academic advisor to enroll for the next semester. During that time, the advisor will review with you your academic goals, assess your transfer (to a university) plans, and adjust your academic plan as necessary. Your advisor may also discuss with you your academic progress. It is not uncommon for your advisor to check to see that you are making academic progress in all your classes. Your readiness to discuss challenges and opportunities will greatly aid the endeavor. Your advisor may suggest a referral to another campus service; you will need to schedule a date and time to visit that campus service and avail yourself to their services.

2. Degree Plan. Most associate degree plans at PCC require 64 credit hours for graduation. Your academic advisor will guide you to graduation by enrolling you in the correct courses and ensuring you meet all degree requirements. In the final analysis, it is your responsibility to ensure you meet graduation requirements. You may call (450-2218) or visit (room 51) the Registrar to ensure you are on track to graduate. He will review your college transcript and proscribe the remaining courses/electives you need to graduate. You are urged to see the Registrar two semesters before your graduate and request a Degree Check.

3. Change of Plan. If, for any reason, you decide to change your academic major during your stay at PCC, you will need to file the proper form which is available through the Student Success Center, Room 55. A new advisor will be assigned.

4. Developmental Coursework. Many students come to college with a need for extra work on math, writing and/or reading. Either in high school or upon entry into PCC students will take a placement exam (ACT or ACCUPLACER test) which will prescribe the math, writing and reading courses that are needed. The purpose of the placement test is to get you into the correct course based on your current skill level. Courses lower than the degree-level requirements are called developmental coursework. These courses prepare you for college-level work but do not count toward graduation (they do count toward grade point average). If you are asked to take developmental coursework, we hope you view it as our effort to help you improve your academic skills.