EDUKAN Equivalency Chart



EDUKAN Course Numbers EDUKAN Course Names PCC Course Numbers PCC Course Names
AC177 Accounting I ACC177 Accounting I
AC178 Accounting II ACC178 Accounting II
BU231 Advertising BUS150 Advertising
AG106 Ag Economics AGR231 Ag Economics
PO176 American Government POS176 American Government
HI177 American History 1865-Present HST177 American History 1865 to Present
HI176 American History to 1865 HST176 American History to 1865
BI278 Anatomy & Physiology BIO278 Anatomy & Physiology
BI276 Anatomy & Physiology I BIO276 Anatomy & Physiology I
BI277 Anatomy & Physiology II BIO277 Anatomy & Physiology II
AG149 Animal Science AGR132 Animal Science
AR175 Art Appreciation ART139 Art Appreciation
MA075 Basic Applied Math MTH075 Basic Applied Mathematics
MA076 Beginning Algebra MTH076 Beginning Algebra
BU277 Business & Economic Statistics BUS278 Business & Economic Statistics
BU218 Business Ethics BUS218 Business Ethics
BU217 Business Law BUS233 Business Law
BU237 Business Management BUS237 Business Management
CH177 Chemistry I CHM186 General Chemistry I
CH178 Chemistry II CHM187 Gen Chem II & Qual Analysis
ED277 Children's Literature EDU277 Children's Literature
MA178 College Algebra MTH178 College Algebra
AG185 Computers in Agriculture AGR185 Computers in Agriculture
SO123 Criminology SOC123 Criminology
AN177 Cultural Anthropology SSC177 Cultural Anthropology
PS276 Developmental Psychology PSY132 Developmental Psychology
FL176 Elementary Spanish I MLN176 Elementary Spanish I
FL177 Elementary Spanish II MLN177 Elementary Spanish II
EN176 English Composition I ENG176 English Composition I
EN177 English Composition II ENG177 English Composition II
BU160 Entrepreneurship BUS242 Entrepreneurship
ED177 Foundations of Modern Ed EDU177 Foundations of Modern Ed
CH176 Fundamentals of Chemistry CHM176 Fundamentals of Chemistry
EN077 Fundamentals of Writing ENG005 Fundamentals of Writing
PS176 General Psychology PSY176 General Psychology
AG176 Horse Production AGR176 Horse Production
BU177 Human Relations BUS177 Human Relations


MA177 Intermediate Algebra MTH130 Intermediate Algebra
CO176 Intro to Computer Concepts & Applications CSC176 Introduction to Computers
CJ212 Intro to Corrections SSC212 Introduction to Corrections
PH178 Introduction to Astronomy PSC178 Introduction to Astronomy
BU178 Introduction to Business BUS178 Introduction to Business
PI276 Introduction to Ethics PHL276 Introduction to Ethics
PH177 Introduction to Geology PSC177 Introduction to Geology
CJ211 Introduction to Law Enforcement SSC161 Introduction to Law Enforcement
BU225 Introduction to Marketing BUS234 Marketing
MU176 Introduction to Music MUS176 Introduction to Music
PI101 Introduction to Philosophy PHL130 Introduction to Philosophy
SO176 Introduction to Sociology SOC176 Introduction to Sociology
SO177 Juvenile Delinquency SOC177 Juvenile Delinquency
PE176 Lifestyle Management HPR176 Lifestyle Management
AC257 Managerial Accounting ACC232 Managerial Accounting
EN110 Medical Terminology BUS249 Medical Terminology
ED100 Orientation EDU111 Orientation
PE177 Personal & Community Health HPR177 Personal & Community Health
BU176 Personal Finance BUS176 Personal Finance
PH176 Physical Science PSC176 Physical Science
BI177 Principles of Biology BIO125 General Biology
EC276 Principles of Macroeconomics BUS276 Principles of Macroeconomics
BI280 Principles of Microbiology BIO165 Microbiology
EC277 Principles of Microeconomics BUS277 Principles of Microeconomics
SP176 Public Speaking COM276 Public Speaking
SO182 Sociology of Families SOC182 Sociology of Families
CO276 Web Page Design CSC201 Web Page Design
LI176 World Literature LIT176 World Literature
GE176 World Reg. Geography SSC176 World Regional Geography