Living on campus isn’t just about eating, sleeping, and studying. It is an amazing way to meet fellow students, be involved with campus activities and get involved with leadership opportunities. 

Here are just a few reasons to choose to live on campus:

  1. Get better grades- studies show that students who live on campus do better academically 
  2. Make friends & be connected- you will meet more people by living in the residence hall communities 
  3. Make college life easier- you will have quick access to classes, library, cafe, the fitness center, and sporting events 
  4. It’s Affordable!- residence hall costs include a cable hookup, internet,  and laundy facilities 
  5. Safety- at Pratt your safety is our number one priority! We have a well-trained professional staff member on-duty each day. Students can find out who is on-duty each day by visiting their residence hall supervisors door.  A campus security officer is on-duty daily from M-F and every evening from 6:00 pm- 3:00 am. Officers make night walk throughs of campus property and are available to assist students. 

“I chose to live in the dorms to get the full college experience. I’ve enjoyed living on campus & being able to be around all my friend while making new friends. It feels like a different world with no parents just having fun with friends, going to school, and sport games all at the same place.”
-Gina Olivas, PCC Student Spring 2022

"Student Life activities are an awesome opportunity to meet new people, it allows us to create a positive and healthy image for the school while having fun. What I love most about Student Life is the commitment to succeeding in each and everything task put in front of us!"
-Tommy Thomas, PCC Student Fall 2021