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Welcome Home!

Welcome to Pratt Community College and living on campus! I am confident you have made a great decision in choosing to live on-campus. The goal of the residence life program is for you to succeed not only academically, but socially. We offer numerous opportunities for involvement and provide a variety of activities for you to feel at home and make friendships.

Take time to explore our living options here at Pratt Community College. Meet our staff and the resident assistants who will live in our communities and are trained to assist you. When you are ready fill out your housing contract and pay your deposit. Finally start your packing list today and review all of our residence life policies. 

We are so happy you have chosen to live on campus and cannot wait to meet you on move-in day!

Residence Life Statement on Racial Inequality

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, David McAtee and many others are inconceivable and gut wrenching. Like many of you the past few weeks have been difficult. We have engaged in difficult conversations about racism and discrimination, participated in protests across the nation, and have taken time to listen and educate ourselves on the issues. No matter your response the time is now to take a stand against racism and discrimination. Black Lives Matter.  

The residence life department and I personally stand with all Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We know that acts of racism and discrimination occur in the residence halls. These issues are not free from the current period of protest and unrest. While we have tried to create safe spaces to address these issues through the RA ally program we must do better. We must come together as a department and do the work to make changes. 
We all need the residence hall communities to be a place that does not tolerate or allow racism and discrimination to occur. We are all in this together and I encourage you to hold the residence life staff to a higher standard. Bring instances of racism and discrimination to the forefront and hold us accountable when issues arise. We are ready to take the responsibility seriously and to make real change in our residence hall communities.   

Over the past few weeks, I have looked inward on not only what I can do, but what our department can do to put our words into actions. We have come together as a staff team to discuss these issues and from those conversations I have been filled with hope and excitement for a better tomorrow. Over the coming months the department of residence life will work with the campus administration on the following actions to start making real change.

The Department of Residence life will:

  1. Ask campus administration to convene a meeting with campus security and leaders of our local law enforcement agencies to discuss strategies that will reinforce respectful and community engaged policing, and to create an effective partnership between Pratt Community College and local law enforcement agencies where communication and collaboration can occur when addressing incidents. 
  2. Ask campus administration to convene a meeting with local business owners and leaders in the community to address past instances of racism and discrimination head on to create an inclusive community where students can feel safe. 
  3. Update and provide the staff and student RAs with ally training in hopes of providing improved safe spaces for students to address acts of racism and discrimination, to be able to voice their concerns, and express their opinions. We will publicly promote these safe spaces and encourage these discussions to occur. 
  4. Ask campus administration to provide ally training and education for faculty and staff in hopes of creating more safe spaces on campus.

We want to hear from you and any ideas you have for creating a more welcoming, safe, and accepting residence life community. There is a lot to be done and it will take all of us to deliver on these promises. We hope you all have a safe and fun summer and look forward to welcoming you back in the fall.

For a Better Tomorrow!
Charles Keefer
Former Director of Students & Residence Life

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