ITC Scholarship Presentation


ITC Great Plains, a prominent utility company in Kansas, managing power transmission infrastructures in Kansas and Oklahoma. The company has long acknowledged the high-quality education and workforce readiness provided by Pratt CC's Electrical Power Technology (EPT) program. Annually, ITC Great Plains visits the Pratt campus to support the program by awarding scholarships to EPT students.


This year, Mallory Watson and Kyron Koehn were chosen as scholarship recipients for 2023-2024, with the awards presented by ITC Great Plains representative E De La Rosa Rodriguez at a small reception. The scholarships are granted based on recommendations from PCC's EPT faculty, recognizing academic excellence and desirable workforce qualities.



During the visit, De La Rosa Rodriguez discussed the growing demands and trends in the industry, highlighting the promising career opportunities in electrical distribution with the EPT class.


Mallory expressed gratitude to ITC Great Plains, stating, "I am very honored to be chosen as a recipient of the ITC scholarship. Receiving this scholarship motivates me to maintain my GPA, complete the EPT Program, and receive my Certificate and Associate's of Applied Science. Thank you for awarding me this scholarship and supporting me toward reaching my personal and professional goals."


Similarly, Kyron Koehn thanked ITC Great Plains, expressing, "It is an honor to receive your ICT scholarship, and I thank you for your hospitality. With your support, I can rest easy knowing that my financial burdens are lifted. Thank you again for your generosity and empathy."

Congratulations to Mallory and Kyron, and a big thank you to ITC Great Plains for their continued investment in shaping the future workforce trained at Pratt CC for over a decade.


For more information about the Electrical Power Technology (EPT) program offered at various locations in Kansas, including Coffeyville, Wichita, Dodge City, and Pratt, visit our website.