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College Start Forms

Enrollment Form: This form is used to add or drop College Start classes. It should be filled out with assistance from the high school counselor or College Start Coordinator. This form is essential for enrollment and one must be completed each semester in order for a high school student to take courses. This is the only form that needs to be completed in order for a student to be enrolled.

Enrollment Checklist: The checklist serves as a tool for students to double check their enrollment progress. Students can use this form to personally check off each item and make sure they have completed the necessary steps to enroll. This form does not need to be completed by the student in order to take classes. 

College Start Handbook: This document should be read over by all students and parents who are participating in the College Start Program. It is a guide for all rules, regulations, and guidelines involved with the program. 

College Start Placement Chart: High school students who wish to take English Composition I & II or college level Mathematics may reference this chart for placement scores. Students must take either the ACCUPLACER test or the ACT to be eligible for English and Math courses. ACCUPLACER tests may be scheduled with your high school counselor or with the Coordinator of the College Start Program. 

Overload Petition: If you would like to enroll in more than 12 credit hours for the regular school year or 8 credit hours for the summer, you are required to fill out an overload petition for concurrent classes. 

W9-S Tax Form: The business office is required by federal law to collect a W9-S tax form from students each year. It is a great idea to submit this form at time of enrollment but may be completed after enrollment. Students who enroll in classes but do not have this document on file will be contacted and required to submit this tax form.