Pratt Community College Board of Trustee April 20, 2020 meeting has been rescheduled to April 13, 2020.  Meeting will be in the Riney Student Center, Room 312 at 6:00 p.m.

Visit the Board of Trustees webpage for meeting...

Pratt Community College President Dr. Michael Calvert updates the PCC community about college  operations moving forward.

"Please know that our administrative team is meeting on a daily basis to discuss this ever-evolving situation," said Calvert. "The utmost goal of our actions is to...

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Student Feedback

Pratt Community College is committed to appropriate resolution of complaints as efficiently and effectively as possible. We believe providing a mechanism for complaints to be heard gives us the opportunity to improve our services. While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, we can assist you in better navigating what can be a complex system.

A formal student complaint has been defined by Pratt CC as “An issue, complaint or problem relating to instruction, college services, facilities, or other operational aspects of the college presented in and signed by the student(s). “This complaint procedure is designed for issues other than academic or disciplinary appeals (see “Student Due Process Procedures” in the Student Handbook and College Catalog for information). The student complaint must be written and signed by the student to allow for proper follow-up and resolution. A student complaint form is available on the college website home page in the Quick Links box or a written complaint can be filed in the office of the Vice President of Students/Enrollment Management (college services), Vice President of Finance & Operations (facilities), or Vice President of Instruction (academic) relative to the complaint.

For more information please review PCC's Processing Student Complaints Policy 600-05.

Submitting feedback or complaints can remain anonymous, however, if a reporter fails to provide any identifying or contact information, it may limit our ability to look into or fully respond to the reported situation.

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