Build Our Future: Michele Hamm

20 May 2019

When Michele Hamm was a student at Pratt Community College, she never imagined she would one day serve as a Board of Trustee member – in fact, she didn’t even know there were boards helping to ensure that she, along with the rest of the students, received a quality education. It was a position she took for granted and did not learn more about until she entered the education field herself. Her passion for education and a phone call from a board member at the time led her to the PCC Board of Trustees ten years ago, where she has been a voice for students ever since.

Build Our Future: Darrell and Jeff Shumway

07 May 2019

Over 1,200 community, technical, and junior colleges are governed by more than 6,500 elected and appointed trustees in the United States. Out of the 6,500+ trustees, there is only one father and son duo who serve on the same board – Pratt Community College trustees Darrell and Jeff Shumway.

Build Our Future: Gregg Lesh

13 March 2019

“My parents instilled in us children that it was important for a family that was going to live in Pratt County to support the local businesses, institutions, and community. The college was one of the most important aspects in that area.”

Build Our Future: Eric Bronson

12 February 2019

“I received the Above and Beyond Scholarship so I thought serving on the Foundation board was a great way to give back to the organization I benefited from as a student.”

Before serving as a Pratt Community College Foundation Board member, Eric Bronson grew up in Pratt County where he attended Skyline all through grade school and high school. He then attended PCC on the Above and Beyond Scholarship where he studied education, before graduating with his associate’s degree in December of 1999.

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