Academic Advising FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about academic advising

1. How do I find out who my advisor is? how do I change my advisor?

Call the Student Success Office at (620) 450-2156.

2. I'm getting close to graduation, how can I be sure I have taken all the courses I need?

PCC recommends you obtain a degree check after completing 30 credit hours at the Registrars office in room 51. or fill out a degree audit request. But first check with your academic advisor; he or she may have requested one for you.

4. I received an Academic Alert what do I do?

Immediately talk with the instructor about strategies for improvement in the class. Talk with your academic advisor or staff in the Student Success Center to create a plan to overcome the barriers you are facing in being academically successful.

5. I just heard that my overall grade point average is too low to graduate. What do I do now?

You must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 to graduate from PCC. Improving your PCC cumulative grade point average is only possible through PCC courses, so taking courses at another college and transferring them back does not help. 

In retaking courses at PCC, the last course grade counts. That means that if you had an F in a course and your retake and get a B; only the B counts in the GPA. This is the fastest way to improve your GPA. If you still have questions, contact the Registrar via email at

6. My academic advisor is never available. What do I do?

Every academic advisor has office hours. While the advisor may not be in his/her office every minute of that time span, it is possible to arrange a time to meet - just leave a detailed note on his/her door with a phone number. If your advisor is a coach or staff member, drop into the advisor's office. If they aren't available, leave a note. 

7. I just found out I have a hold on my transcript. How do I resolve that?

 Most likely that hold is due to an outstanding bill from the college. Stop by the Business Office (Cashier window) to learn the details. No one else can help you until they release the hold. If it is not financial, contact the Registrar, in room 51 or at (620) 450-2218.

8. I understand I have the right to appeal a course grade. How do I do that?

Check the current Student Handbook for the appeal process that applies to your situation. In fact, you should keep your Student Handbook handy as it contains all the college policies that apply to students. It describes all your rights and responsibilities.