Important Information - Attention Students

Class Location/Room Changes
Check your PCC email account, Canvas account, and course schedule in Self-Service before classes start on the 19th for possible room changes and additional course information.
COVID-19 Classroom Guidelines
Students who are not feeling well or who are running a fever should contact Student Health (initial contact should not be in person) and then contact their instructor (not in person).  Students may participate in class through alternate delivery mode as per each instructor’s directions.
Students should use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting classrooms whenever possible.
As space allows, all individuals should maintain a 6-foot distance from others even when wearing face coverings. For example, students should avoid gathering in the hallways, classroom doorways, at each other’s desks, the instructor’s desk/station, and in other areas of classrooms unless directed to do so by the instructor (ex. lab situation).  Students are encouraged to schedule appointments with instructors for additional assistance, etc.  
Face coverings are required but may be removed at the direction of individual instructors if social distancing is possible. (Reminder: Face coverings are required in public spaces, including hallways, restrooms, etc.).
Students not following social distancing and/or face covering guidelines will be asked to leave the class and join remotely.  Instructors will document this occurrence and share the information with the PCC administration. Students not following PCC classroom and instructor guidelines may be withdrawn from the course.
Neither instructors nor students should put themselves or others at risk in an attempt to enforce PCC or classroom COVID-19 guidelines.  Students who need reasonable health-related accommodations regarding COVID-19 guidelines may contact Student Success Center for information.
In addition to classroom guidelines, students should be prepared to follow additional instructor guidelines regarding alternate delivery modes should that change become necessary.  Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, a change in delivery mode could happen with little advance notice.  Students should check their PCC email and Canvas accounts daily as well as any other means of contact as per instructor expectations for information. As with all information related to the COVID-19 pandemic, these guidelines are subject to change.