PCC Rodeo Alumni Return to Campus for Tour and Reunion

03 November 2021
It’s been more than thirty years since they helped weld and build the outdoor rodeo arena on campus at Pratt Community College, and just as long since they were on campus for the construction of the horse barns and indoor arena.  
The 1982-1985 Rodeo Alumni members returned to Pratt, Kansas in October of 2021 for an exclusive tour of the college, the new farm and rodeo facilities.  
They were greeted by PCC Foundation Director Barry Fisher and guided on the tour by Agriculture instructor Lori Montgomery, who was happy to show them around on a tour focused around the Ag Education Program and the facilities for students in both locations. 
“We had a great tour and visit with these PCC Rodeo Alumni and their former coach. Welcome back to campus guys, it was great to see you. Thanks for your support!”  
The group lived in the basement of Novotny Hall during their time as PCC students. During their visit, they spent time recalling memories of former PCC employees; Mattie Kaiser- the dorm parent, Don Schwartz- former PCC football coach and told a lot of stories about their college adventures at PCC. 
Kenton Baughman is a former PCC faculty member and Rodeo coach from 1981-1991. He remembers when the arena needed to be rebuilt, and all the help it took to accomplish that task. 
“Admin was able to fund materials, and we received donations. Students provided most of the labor and the welding program helped us out. We helped the college continue to grow after the football program was eliminated. When I started coaching, we only had about 10 people the first year, and by the last year we had between 65 and 70.” 
Baughman even recalls trying to recruit current PCC Rodeo Coach Rocky Patterson as a student once upon a time.  
It was good to return to campus and share in the memories. 
“It was fantastic to be back. Some I had not seen since we left college 35 plus years ago. People’s voices don’t change much and sometimes your appearance changes a bit, but I could also identify some of them just by the way they walk!”  
The group missed being able to see some they may have known on campus by visiting on a Saturday. But the hope is that this visit will inspire an annual visit to PCC with more returning members in the future.  

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PCC Rodeo Alumni 1982-1983-1984 1985
Todd Teegerstrom, Tim Wasson, Doug Munsell, Ed Zeller, Donnie Bell, Kenton Baughman.

Rodeo Alumni2.jpg

PCC Rodeo Team GCCC rodeo 1985. Clark Hinkle, Jesse Miser, Assistant Coach Mark Huntington, Kent Crouch, Coach Kenton Baughman, Donnie Bell. Kneeling Raymond Wessel and Doug Munsell.
Rodeo Alumni Team.jpg