Dennis Lesh Foundation Teacher Recognition Award

The Dennis Lesh foundation Teacher Recognition Award of $1000 is to be awarded annually to a Pratt Community College Teacher who is recognized as an excellent teacher, student advocate and exhibits general care and concern for the student body. The award is to be used to enhance the recipient's skills and abilities.

The recipient is to be recognized at PCC graduation.

Award Criteria:

1. Recognized as an excellent teacher by students, faculty and staff.
2. Is known to be a student advocate.
3. Exhibits care, concern and empathy for students.
4. Actively supports students through attendance and participation in student activities, e.g. athletics, fine arts, PTK initiation, club and organization sponsorship.
5. Must be employed at .50 Full time Equivalent or greater.
6. Must be employed at PCC for a minimum of one full academic year, i.e. two successive semesters.
7. Is considered an employee in good standing as determined by the Vice President for Instruction. Satisfactory performance evaluations and no current record of disciplinary action will be considered by the Vice President in determining whether the employee is in good standing, but all information shall remain confidential.
8. Prior award recipients can be considered in successive years.

Nomination Process

Any PCC employee or full-time student may recommend an instructor by submitting written examples of characteristics listed above. Examples must have occurred during the 12 months immediately preceding the date of nomination. Examples of the criteria that occurred consistently over a longer period may be used to illustrate the long-term commitment the instructor has to the philosophy of being student centered. An online form is available to print and complete at the bottom of this page.


A Nominations Committee will be appointed by the College President to evaluate all nominations. The committee will be chaired by the Vice President of Instruction and include one student services staff, two faculty, two students and one coach. The Nominations Committee will select three candidates and the Dennis Lesh Foundation Advisory Committee will select the award winner.

Submission Deadline

Nomination sheets completed by students, staff and faculty must be submitted to the Office of the President or the Vice President of Finance and Operations.

Dennis Lesh Foundation Advisory Committee
c/o South Central Community Foundation
P.O. Box 8624
Pratt, KS 67124