PCC’s Licensed Practical Nurse program continues showing years of success

07 October 2019

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Program has had many years of success at Pratt Community College. PCC’s PN Program has consistently met or exceeded licensure examination pass rates, with the last three years being above 83 percent as well as implementing new modern technologies to help students take classroom lessons into real-world simulations.

“The pass rates for the NCLEX exam have consistently been around 90 percent for the last two years in the PN program,” said Diana Mitzner, Director of Nursing.

The Kansas State Board of Nursing (KSBN) requires nursing programs to maintain an annual first time candidates’ pass rate on licensure examination National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) of 75 percent or greater.

“I love our facilities and skills labs,” said Mitzner.

The PCC Nursing Program offers classes and hands-on training at two locations in Kansas. Students can enroll in either the Pratt or Winfield campuses. Both locations offer in classroom courses and hands-on training simulation lab equipped with lifelike patient mannequins. With the help of the mannequins, low pressure environment, and faculty that is experienced in the field, students are able to gain valuable knowledge and a chance to remember their training and make timely decisions for their patients.

One experienced faculty member is new PN Instructor, Amy Giefer. Giefer graduated from PCC in 2014 and worked as a charge nurse for 5 years at Wheatlands Health Care Center. This fall Giefer returned to PCC, but this time as an educator. Alongside teaching, she is also pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Chamberlain University School of Nursing.

“The class sizes are smaller since I attended school here and we currently use a new program for nursing students called Sim Charts,” said Giefer.

The nursing program has evolved over the past couple of years. Some evolutions include the use of Assessment Technologies Institute, ATI, which creates tests to help students apply textbook lessons to real world scenarios. The students are able to learn skills in the lecture classroom and practice them in the skills lab. They start at a basic level and build up. At the basic level, they learn symptoms of different scenarios and once they learn the textbook symptoms, they begin the simulation with the mannequins. The mannequins are programmed to show specific symptoms and the students observe and diagnose them. Another addition is the Sim Charts, they help students learn how to document in an electronic record. The Sim Charts also help further develop students’ critical thinking skills and provides instructors with tools such as case studies.

“The skills lab helps promote interaction and critical thinking.” Said Giefer.

 A recently added feature in the classrooms is “Z Campus”, which is known as zoom video. It allows the instructors to virtually teach from one campus to the other. Lessons happening in Pratt are live streamed to a classroom at the Winfield campus. Students are able to interact at the other location and learn from instructors in real time.

The LPN program is now accepting applications through March 15, 2020.  The application can be found online at http://www.prattcc.edu/NursingApplication.
The PCC Nursing Program offers both a Practical Nursing (PN-LPN) Certificate and an Associate in Applied Science in Nursing Degree (ADN-RN). The PCC Nursing Programs offer students a variety of convenient ways to attend classes through on campus courses located in Pratt and Winfield, Kansas along with distance education. For more information about the PCC Nursing Program visit prattcc.edu/nursing. For information about applying for admission into the nursing program contact pccadmissions@prattcc.edu.
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