Online CMA Courses

Tuition and fees vary based on student location and other factors. Please contact our Business Office for a cost breakdown at the number listed below.

For more information on the online CMA course, contact:

Erica Meitler
Director of Allied Health

Laurie Ackerman
Assistant to the Director of Allied Health

Bookstore Information:
Toll Free: 1-800-794-3091 ext. 176
Direct Line: 620-450-2176

Business Office Information:Toll Free: 1-800-794-3091 ext. 134 or 149
Direct Lines: 620-450-2134 or 620-450-2143

Financial Aid Information:Toll Free: 1-800-794-3091 ext. 248 and 252
Direct Lines: 620-450-2248 and 620-450-2252