First MDSM graduate gets hired

15 April 2019

Pratt Community College, in cooperation with several state manufacturing companies, has created a first-of-its-kind course structure that prepares students to step immediately out into management employment positions. Brett Reynolds, first graduate of the program has been hired by Stanion Wholesale Electric Company to put his new skills to work.

Pratt native Brett Reynolds is one to recognize a good opportunity and when Stanion Wholesale Electric Co. joined forces with several other businesses and Pratt Community College to form the Modern Distribution Sales and Management program last fall, he was one of the first students in line to sign up for the courses.

“I jumped into the program,” Reynolds said Thursday at a special ceremony where he signed a letter of intent to serve as an intern with Stanion Electric upon his impending graduation.

“This program provided the background and the network I need to get a good job and I am very excited about the opportunity to work within the company culture of Stanion.“

PCCs modern distribution course track is the first of its kind in Kansas, created in coordination with an advisory board of partners, giving students options for a 1-year certificate of completion or a 2-year associates degree in applied science from the college.

Jenny Egging, Program Coordinator and Instructor of the MDSM classes at PCC, said she works closely with the advisory board, bringing in representatives from those companies as class speakers and setting up field trips for the enrolled students to see how management jobs work.

“We are looking at jobs in manufacturing, sales, shipping, purchasing, accounting and more,” Egging said. “There is a job, literally, for any type of person. My job is to get to know the students and look for jobs that are suited to their skill sets and interests. We have a network of professionals waiting to hire these kids as they come out of training, all they have to do is show a willingness to get started.“

Bill Keller, Stanion President, said that one of the reasons Stanion was willing to support this program was because so many students coming out of high school or college just had no idea what a wholesale distribution career could look like, and there were openings in his company he wanted to fill with quality applicants.

“We are very happy to take Brett on as an intern and we will show him, in a compressed time, everything we do with lighting, clean energy and data communications,” Keller said. “He will even get to travel around and visit other branches within our company.“

Reynolds will start his internship at the Kansas City branch of Stanion. The corporate headquarters of Stanion are on South Main in Pratt.

Other businesses partnering with Stanion to create and energize the MDSM program at PCC include GT Midwest, Hajoca, C&B Equipment, CED, WM F Hurst, Mize & Co., Massco Maintenance Supply, Cross Manufacturing, Home Lumber & Supply, C&O Electric Sales, HEBCO. Institutional partners include Texas A&M and University of Nebraska Kearney.

Persons interested in learning more about the MDSM program at PCC may contact Egging at 620-450-2210. Classes are available in traditional classroom settings, online and by ZOOM (live-feed Facetime). Enrollment for fall 2019 classes is now open.

By Jennifer Stultz, Pratt Tribune

Jenny Egging (left, Bill Keller (right), Brett Reynolds (center)