Physical Science instructor Paul Primrose joins PCC faculty

06 September 2019
teacher, paul primrose, classroom, front of the class

Paul Primrose is joining Pratt Community College from an extensive science career. He earned his B.S. in chemistry from Northern Arizona University in 1993, then went on to earn his doctorates in chemistry from Penn State in 1999. Upon earning his doctorates, Primrose taught at a variety of institutions around the central Texas area including; Baylor University, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, and West ISD, Primrose’s local hometown high school.

Primrose has two main goals for the school year; for students to remember the natural science stories and to allow the class to create and become its own unique class.

“The natural sciences have wonderful stories that lay behind the body of data that makes up each field of study,” said Primrose. “These stories or pictures of the natural world are what I hope students remember most.”

With his second goal being that each class he teaches be free enough that student personalities can shine through.

“A good class for me is one that student’s look back on and say, “I remember our class”, said Primrose.

Primrose believes that students learn best by becoming active in their learning.

“Each subject, even within a specific field, has its own language,” said Primrose. “Over time you learn the language and adapt to it.”

Primrose aims to permit time in class for the students to practice speaking the language and learning more about it. During class he demonstrates and highlights particulars of that specific “language” and then gives the students the opportunity to practice learning it. After teaching at the high school level, Primrose has seen the value of creating a variety of ways to communicate with students to encompass a variety of learning styles.

Primrose initially was captivated by science, because he has always thought of science as a puzzle, and he enjoys attempting to solve puzzles. Over the years, Primrose’s reason for choosing to become an educator has changed. Primrose has stated that his primary motivation for teaching has evolved over the years. However, his main reason today for choosing the path of an educator is the connections that are made with students.

“The greater the shared struggle, the stronger the bond,” said Primrose. “As time goes by the friendship grows, even after the class has ended.”

Primrose's classes this semester include Introduction to Geology, Fundamentals of Chemistry and General Chemistry.