INT Students Build High Powered Computers

28 January 2020

The Information Networking Technology (INT) program is starting off the spring semester in full force. As the semester started students began building six new computers for their program. The computers that the students are building are AMD 3rd gen Ryzen 5 processors, solid state storage, MSI x570 active heat sync motherboards, Air cooled heat syncs with 1660ti graphics processors. The parts were custom ordered specifically for the functionality of the program and the eSports team.  

“The computers are being built to handle heavy graphics and are able to process information faster than standard office machines,” said Chris Nelson, INT Instructor.
“They have faster processors, more RAM and GPUs to handle more computations per second than a standard workstation that would be found in an office or classroom.”

Although many of the students have assembled computers before, this assignment gives the students additional practice piecing them together while in a controlled learning environment and for the benefit of their class.

“I built my first computer three years ago when I was 13,” said Pratt Community College (PCC) high school student Nicholas Vail. “I built it from scratch and learned how to put it together from YouTube and manuals.”

Many of the INT students said they had constructed a computer before. Students previously constructed the computers through their high schools or on their own as a hobby.

 “The technology and everything it can do is so amazing and being able to work with it sounds fun,” said Kali Brown, PCC freshmen.

K. Brown’s favorite part of the INT program is building the PC’s (Personal Computers) and her biggest challenge is being the only female in the class.
“Assembling PC’s has helped show me what I can do,” said K. Brown.

Many of the students enjoy the hands on aspect of with the technology in the INT program.

 “My favorite part is putting it all together it’s pretty fun,” said Dylan J. Brown. “It’s like adult Legos.”

D. Brown built his first computer when he was a freshman in high school. After building that computer it sparked his interest in INT and he then decided to pursue the program further at PCC. Once in the INT program at PCC, Nelson introduced D. Brown to the eSports program which he then became a member of.

The eSports program is a form of competitive sports played on PC’s online against people around the world. The computers that the INT students are building will then be used for the classroom and for the eSports program.

When D. Brown was asked what he liked most about eSports he said

“We kind of just beat everyone, our team is really good.”

The eSports team is underway in their season and are undefeated so far with a record of 8-0. The team has qualified for the playoffs which will take place at the end of their season. The team’s current goal is to finish the season undefeated. One of the biggest challenges for the eSports members is playing as a team. Many of the members learned how to play individually and are transitioning into a team based playing atmosphere.

“My favorite part of the eSports team is that we have a lot of fun as a team,” said D. Brown.

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