May 2020 Student Features

06 May 2020

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Savana Larrison- The transition has been fairly easy. We no longer have fun geology labs. We now watch a video and answer questions. My favorite part has been doing everything on my own time and getting to sleep in longer. The biggest challenge has been that I added a class so I have more work to do. I feel like some classes have added more work and that’s been an adjustment as I now have to come to work more often and I have less time for school. My motivation to do work has decreased as I don’t actually have to go to class physically. I’m hoping I can pick my motivation back up. My advice is to take breaks often and relax your mind.

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Luke Hurt- The translation has been an interesting experience. A lot of my classes became more streamlined and more to the point. My favorite part would be cutting out the rift raft and getting to work. I also like the core freedom in my schedule. The biggest challenge would be confusion in the way people say something over email or digital instructions. One useful thing I developed was actual usage of making a scheduled to do list.My advice is to make a schedule and be sure only do it by choice if you are self motivated.

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Enayy Kurbanova- The transition has been strange; in a usual day I knew what I want to do; when quarantine started I was excited to do all my hobbies and plans (paint; learn new language; read books; sort out things; cook). Here I have all day just for myself, even though I get little stressed. I still automatically push myself to finish my all plans for the day. But now it’s time for me to learn to be in peace with myself. My favorite part is I get lost in time, but it’s also the part I hate the most(as if time doesn’t matter as much), learning and trying new things; I never know will it be even necessary. I am just enjoying the present. I like how we all now just living in the moment. I am lucky one that I can enjoy being alone. But others who can’t, I can’t imagine how it must feel. I sincerely hope that they will start learning, accepting themselves and open their hidden talents or dreams that they never had time for it. Still living in residence halls feels unnatural. When I walk in the hallways, it doesn’t feel anymore that more than a month ago it was loud with a lot of students. And I was one of them, who’s wishing to take a nap or trying to figure out how possibly I could finish my assignments before the class. Being far away from my family during this period is not fun at all. My family’s worried about me and vice versa. But whoever’s with their family I hope they’re fancying and appreciating all the crazy moments. 

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Mason Eck- The transition hasn’t been as bad as I thought, there have definitely been challenges, but the faculty has been so helpful and accommodating. Overall it hasn’t been too bad. My favorite part has been getting outside and being able to appreciate nature more, the hustle doesn’t seem quite as bad, so it’s been nice to take a break and go for a walk when I need to. The biggest challenge for me has been not being able to interact and communicate with fellow students and faculty as much. I enjoy the interaction and feel it is just as much of the education experience as the actual classes are. I miss the discussions and the dynamic of my PCC classes and the constant support and motivation from the teachers. This experience has definitely taught me the value of self determination and organization and is a lesson in and of itself. This will be useful when it comes to organizing things or setting goals. My advice for my fellow students is to win the little battles. I know it can seem daunting trying to organize assignments and projects for multiple classes, but win the little battles, get up on time, complete an assignment, get some exercise. Complete those small tasks and it will all come together.

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Mallary Nelson- The transition wasn’t very difficult for me, since most of my classes had a lot of material online already. I’ve only worried about and struggled with one of my classes. My favorite part has to be that I can stay up a lot later and sleep in. I don’t really have a set schedule, besides a couple Zoom meetings in the afternoon. The biggest challenge is with one of my science classes. I’m not the best at science, so I’m not really benefitting from online in that aspect. I’m a little worried that my grades might go down in that particular class. I’ve always been a pretty motivated student. I’m still turning in all my assignments on time and such. This has shown me that it’s better to finish my assignments earlier, rather than later. It’s nice to see that some of my teachers are reaching out and extending deadlines and setting up calls so their students don’t fail.