DePew named interim Vice President of Instruction

09 December 2019

Monette DePew, Humanities and English instructor, has been named interim Vice President of Instruction at Pratt Community College. DePew assumed the role in the middle of the 2019 fall semester, taking on the responsibilities of supervising faculty as well as maintaining her role as instructor of Humanities and English. PCC President, Dr. Michael Calvert, agrees that DePew’s experience inside and out of the classroom along with many years of experience make her uniquely qualified for the position.

“Monette is uniquely qualified for the role of Interim VP of Instruction in that she has served the college for over thirty years and has multiple experiences with the institution outside of the classroom,” said Calvert. “She has been very active in the accreditation process, faculty negotiations and multiple committees over her tenure at PCC. She is well grounded in the institution that is Pratt Community College and understands the importance of PCC within our community. I appreciate her willingness to take on this expanded role and am confident she will lead the instructional division in a high-quality manner towards the ultimate goal of helping our students be successful.”

As interim Vice President of Instruction, DePew aims to help instructors be their best, provide quality instruction, assist with scheduling and advising for upcoming semesters, and be involved in community engagement and enrichment. DePew focuses on the mission statement which includes student-centered learning, workforce development and training, quality instruction, and community enrichment.

A few of DePew’s goals for this position and as an instructor include engaging students in and out of the classroom, setting expectations for them that carry over into life, continuing to advance the mission of the institution, and advancing the institutional aims within each position she carries.

“I would like for instructors to feel the vice president’s office supports what they do and helps them be their best,” said DePew. “We are a resource to help improve classroom and student success.”

DePew is always looking for ways to help others meet their goals and advance the institution toward its goals.

“Many of the committees I serve on have helped prepare me for this new role,” said DePew. “The staff and faculty have been kind and helpful in assisting me with this transition. I am very grateful for all the assistance and support.”

During her tenure at PCC DePew says she aspires to reflect on policies and help shape them to be the most beneficial for all involved. DePew says being an instructor in addition to the interim Vice President of Instruction gives her a unique viewpoint; and she is able to see how policies directly impact the faculty members, as well as an insider’s view into the classroom. She has found this viewpoint beneficial for the position.

“Teaching provides a different type of interaction with students,” said DePew “I try to keep front and foremost what is best for the students.”

DePew has a continued interest in engaging students in the classroom. Throughout her years of teaching she has noticed that sometimes you must take multiple approaches to engage the students as each student and group of students learn a different way; there is not a one size fits all for student learning. However, in order for this to work effectively, the students must invest in themselves and want to learn. One of her favorite parts of working in education is watching people grow, excel, and find themselves.

“It’s exciting watching people learn to connect with more than just themselves,” said DePew.

DePew earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master of Arts degree in English from Fort Hays State University (FHSU). During her time at FHSU, she completed additional graduate hours in journalism. She was both a copy editor and then editor of the newspaper, University Leader. In the classroom at FHSU DePew earned the honor of best speaker in college class and various journalism awards.

DePew has twice received the Pratt Higher Education Association (PHEA) teacher of the year award, most recently in 2018, and she was the first recipient of the Dennis Lesh Teacher of the Year award in 2007.

The mission of Pratt Community College is maximum student learning, individual and workforce development, high quality instruction and service, and community enrichment. PCC is proud to be a part of the community in Pratt, Kansas. With more than 80 years of history, PCC remains humbled to serve our community and students who come to build a foundation for their future. PCC is a two-year public, comprehensive community college and an area vocational school. For more information visit or call us at 620-672-5641.