PCC eSports team ends regular season undefeated

10 March 2020

The Pratt Community College eSports team has seen a successful season for the 2019-2020 season. Pratt Community College eSports is entering playoffs undefeated with a record of 12-0 in the game, League of Legends. In addition to being undefeated, they are also the Central II Division Champions. The Central II Division is made up of schools in Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Colorado.

The eSports Central Divisions are based on in-game ranking, not school size, and students must be enrolled at the school to compete for that esports team. Throughout the season, PCC eSports played many universities, including Big 12 teams. A few of the teams PCC’s esports team competed against include: Wichita State University, Oklahoma University, Oklahoma State University, Kansas State University, and Kansas University.

 PCC eSports player, Colin Bell, says the team is preparing for playoffs and their strategy for the next level. He says that not much will change but they will adjust their style and tactics to what they see as best fit against their opponent.

“When we find out who we will be playing against, we look them up and strategize,” said Bell. “We look at the teams and adapt our strategies. Our strategy is constantly changing based on what the other team does. We all have specific roles we love to play”

Many of the students have grown up playing video games, either with a controller or on a keyboard.

“Personally I’ve only been playing competitively for the last year or two,” said eSports player Luke Hurt. “But I’ve been around the competitive scene for years.”

Many of the students have years of experience in the field of competitive video games, and some only have a year or two of competitive gaming experience.

“When I came into our esports program I had never touched a keyboard and mouse before, I was used to a controller,” said Bell. “I was the worst player at League of Legends and Overwatch that I had ever seen. But now I am able to compete on a competitive level, I also bought my own gaming PC.”

Playoffs started in Februrary and PCC eSprts currently is in the Sweet 16 having a bye in round one, loss to Princeton University and win over University of Hawaii in round two. Round three the Beavers took the two game win over win over University of Toledo and Sunny Brook University. Round four takes place March 14 and 15. The Beavers play Brock University from, Ontario, Canada Saturday and Laurentian University on Sunday. Watch the Beavers play via live stream at www.Twitch.tv/PCCesports.