Schmidt Named Coordinator of CTE

07 July 2020

The following information was released by PCC Vice President of Instruction, Monette DePew.

On behalf of Pratt Community College, I would like to announce additional  CTE support for our partner schools and CTE classes and programs.  That support is in the form of redesigning a current position to create an academic CTE coordinator.  As you may know, David Schmidt has been serving as director of Planning and Assessment and Accreditation Liaison for the college, but his role has been redesigned effective immediately. 

While David will retain some of his previous duties such as accreditation liaison officer, we are excited to announce that David will serve as coordinator of career and technical education.  

David will work with PCC instructors and with our service-area high schools to expand pathway opportunities, create program charts, improve marketing, etc.  He will also work with KBOR and Technical Education Authority (TEA) as appropriate not only in CTE work but also with our performance agreement.   David’s strong public education background and experience as well as his ability to interact with area schools offer us a wonderful chance to expand CTE and other opportunities.  His exceptional communication and organizational skills will allow more frequent and more effective communication between PCC and our partner schools.

We feel confident that having David focus on pursuing CTE coursework, programs, etc.  will grow CTE options and area relationships in a positive manner.

Again, we are very excited to have David as our Coordinator of  Career and Technical Education to build our partnership relationships and to improve CTE options and success for students and schools.

The mission of Pratt Community College is maximum student learning, individual and workforce development, high quality instruction and service, and community enrichment.