Harbour Benefits from CTE courses

28 February 2020

Career and technical education (CTE) is education that directly prepares students for high-wage, high-demand careers. CTE covers many different fields, including health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and many more.

Pratt Community College, concurrent enrollment student, Kaylee Harbour, is one of the many Kansas high school students to take advantage of this opportunity.
Harbour began taking CTE classes her sophomore year of high school. During her sophomore year, she became a certified nurse aid (CNA) by taking courses available online through PCC.  
 "I had just turned 16 and wasn't really sure what to expect," said Harbour. "Everyone was super helpful getting me signed up and through the class!"
With CTE, many of the courses can be taken on a community college campus or online. Harbour took her CNA class online. With the option to take classes online, this provides high school students a chance to benefit from many different course offerings convieniently.
"With it being my first online class, it taught me self-discipline and how to keep up with deadlines," said Harbour.
With the CTE courses, high school students are able to gain valuable industry and classroom experience to help them further explore career paths and opportunities. Gaining these qualifications while still in high school provides many students a step ahead with their education in their desired field. They can complete classes while working toward their high school diploma.
Harbour has already seen benefits from obtaining her CNA license while still in high school. It has increased her drive, changed her work ethic, and helped her secure jobs.
"After passing my state certification test, I immediately got a job making twice what my friends were making, it changed my work ethic and drive,” said Harbour. "It has got me multiple jobs just from having it on my resume, and I'm thankful to have the experience."
Pratt Community College offers CTE programs for traditional and nontraditional students in the areas of Agriculture, Agriculture Power Technology, Automotive Technology, Electrical Power Technology, Information Technology, Allied Health, Accounting and Business, Modern Distribution Sales and Management and Wildlife Outfitting Operations. A list of approved ‘Excel in CTE’ courses offered at PCC can be found on our website at prattcc.edu/CollegeStart.
If your student is interested in participating in the PCC College Start Program please ask your high school counselor or contact the College Start office at 620.450.2217 or pccadmissions@prattcc.edu.
High School freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors interested in getting starting with preparing for a life in college can attend College Prep Day. This event will be held at the Pratt campus, April 1, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. students can register and learn more at prattcc.edu/ CollegePrepDay.