Student Information

Online Classes

Beginning Monday, March 30, PCC courses will transition from in-person classes to online delivery. This will remain in effect through the end of our spring semester.

To help aid in this transition and to continue participating in classes through the remainder of the semester, all students should check their PCC email and Canvas for specific class instructions and Course Approval Instructions.

PCC Staff and Faculty are available, responsive and aim to answer your questions! As of March 13, 2020, due to the COVID-19 national response, the PCC campus is closed to the public and employees are transitioning to alternative formats of communication. To best serve you please note that on-campus offices may not have representatives physically in place and may be telecommuting as we are practicing social distancing and shelter-in-place recommendations. For this reason we encourage communications in the form of email. Please utlize the Student Services Contact List to get in touch with us!

Residence Halls

Residence hall students who have not officially checked out of their residence hall have the following options for checking out and/or securing items:

Option 1: Students wishing to return to campus to check out of their residence hall may do so by scheduling a check out appointment. 

  • Check out will occur between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on March 24 – 28.
  • Students must schedule their check out by contacting the residence life office
  • Students may schedule their check out time by contacting the residence life office, 620-450-2120 or 620-450-2170.  If a staff member is not available when you call, leave a message indicating the date (between March 24 – 28) you are requesting to check out. You will receive a confirmation call back or text within 24 hours.
  • Students will be allowed to pick up their personal items, return their key, and are expected to immediately leave campus. 
  • Students are not allowed to visit any other campus building, are not allowed to stay in the residence halls, and are not allowed around faculty and staff on campus.
  • Students should not return to campus without a scheduled check out date confirmed. This is for the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. 

Option 2: Students who are unable to return to campus during the designated period of March 24 – 28 may arrange to have “academic essential” items (books, laptops, tablets) needed for classwork shipped to them in the mail. Students seeking this option should visit this and complete the Request to Ship webform to make arrangements for the designated items to be returned. Students should allow approximately a five to seven day turnaround for receipt of items.
Option 3: Students unable to return to campus during the designated period of March 24 – 28 will need to arrange to return to campus on May 17 or 18 to check-out of the residence hall. Check out prior to May 17 will not be allowed other than March 24 - 28.
Note: This procedure is subject to change pending the impact of the COVID-19 on college business operations. Students should refer to updates available on the Pratt Community College website and social media.

Summer and Fall 2020 Enrollment

Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2020 starts Monday, March 23, 2020; Effective on March 23 you can find the Course Schedule for both Summer and Fall 2020 on our website at

Graduation/Commencement/Degree Completion

The 2020 Commencement and Nursing Pinning ceremonies have been cancelled. Graduating students will still receive their diploma in the mail in Summer 2020 as normal. Alternative methods of celebrating the PCC Class of 2020 are being considered and communications concerning this will be communicated directly to our grads. 

Exit Exams
Upcoming PCC graduates will not need to complete the Workkeys or ETS Proficiency Profile Exam. The PCC exit exam is normally required of all PCC graduates. This suspension pertains to only the Spring 2020 semester. 

Student Resources

The Pratt Community College Bookstore proudly partners with Follett to provide students with educational materials, digital content, ecommerce, and multi-media for libraries, schools and institutions.

For public and private colleges and universities, Follett has the nationwide scale and capabilities to help institutions provide needed course materials through the company’s technology platforms and content partnerships. During this period of crisis, Follett is providing the following support:

  • FREE Online Shipping Offer: Visit the campus store website,, for Free Shipping on all items with no minimum purchase.  This includes various formats of course materials, supplies, apparel, technology and more.  Since many online orders are fulfilled directly from your campus store, Follett will execute online orders as long as the store is accessible by staff. 
  • Access to eBooks AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE: Visit the campus store website,, to gain access to eBooks at no additional charge with your .edu email address.  Each student can access up to 7 eBooks for the designated period free of charge.
  • FREE Access to Lumen Learning OER Courseware: Lumen Learning, our OER partner, is offering FREE access to courseware to help supplement content, and offer additional resources to faculty, click here for the Lumen offer.
  • Free Shipping on Rental Returns & Deadline Extensions: The campus store is offering free shipping return labels and is also extending the non-return period without penalty to assist with increased returns by mail.  Click the COVID-19 message on the home page of the campus store website,, for the details.

Cashier and Business Office Information

Housing Refunds

  • Students leaving on or before March 13, 2020 will receive refunds for room and board prorated through March 13, 2020.  Students leaving after March 13, 2020 will receive refunds for room and board prorated through the day they checkout through Residence Life.  Refunds will be sent out by March 31, 2020.

International Emergency Funds

  • International students that request their emergency fund to help offset travel costs home will request the immediate refund through the Business Office.   Any balance due to Pratt Community College will be deducted from the emergency funds.  Checks will be available by Tuesday March 17, 2020.

Work Study Checks

  • Work study checks for hours not included on the March 13, 2020 work study check will be mailed or direct deposited on the April 22, 2020 pay date.  International students on institutional work study will have the amount of their work study check on April 22, 2020 credited to their student account and will receive a credit refunded to the credit card on file with Pratt Community College.

Bookstore and Textbooks

Textbook Rental Check-ins/ Returns FAQ (pdf)

Q. Can I come to the bookstore to check-in my rental textbooks for this term? 
A. Yes, if your campus store location is open. If your campus store is closed, customers can ship rentals back to the store via a free FedEx return label. 

U.S. Stores: Two ways to get a Rental Return Label 

  1. Wait for the rental reminder email that is sent 14 days before your rental due date. Email is sent again 7 days, 3 days, and the day of your due date. This email contains a link to generate a free return shipping label and packing slip. 
  2. Or you can immediately generate a free return shipping label on this website, in your account: 
    1. Click the Sign In link on the top right side of the page to sign into your account.
    2. Enter the email address you provided at the register when you rented. Note: Even if you rented in the store, an account was created using the email you provided at the register. If you don’t know your password, you can click Forgot Password link for a temporary password to be emailed to you.
    3. Once you’ve signed in, click the link “Rentals”. You will be navigated to the Rentals page in your account.
    4. On Rentals page, scroll down the page to see the books you rented. Click the link “Return All Rentals by Mail”. You can also click the button “Return by Mail”. Both open a pop up to select your rentals to ship back. 
    5. Follow the steps to generate and print the return label and packing slip. This option is available until your rental due date. 

Q. Because the campus is closed, I cannot bring in my rented textbooks. Will I get charged for the textbooks due to missing the due date? 
A. While the due date for rented books has not changed, the “non-return charge date” has been extended 15 days past your current return due date to allow time for your mailed book to reach the store. To avoid late charges, please have your book in transit by the due date.

Q. Can I BUY or EXTEND my rentals on the website? 
A. If you originally rented your textbook in the store, there is no option to buy or extend the rental on the website at this time. If you rented your textbook online, you have an option to buy or extend the rental on the website, on the Rentals page.

Purchases and Previous Orders

Q: I placed an order online for pickup, but now my store is closed. What should I do? 
A: Please contact campus store using the steps below and someone will assist you. Please allow several business days for the staff to respond, as they are working to answer all order inquiries. 

  1. Click “Contact Store” in the website footer. 
  2. Under “Questions & Comments” section, you can fill out the form to send an email to the store. 
  3. Ensure to provide your Web Order Number.

Q: I placed an order but I have not received any confirmation my item has shipped. What’s going on? 
A: Your item may be shipping from a location that has closed due to COVAD-19 concerns. Your order will be filled when we are able to access that location again. Items that are in this situation are marked as “backordered” on the website. However, when you placed your order, the ship-from location may not yet have been closed or was in the process of closing so this backorder status may not have been displaying, check the item again now for confirmation. Sorry for the inconvenience during this uncertain time. If you wish to cancel an order in this status, use the same contact form described above.

Q. I need to purchase upcoming term textbooks and supplies; do I need to come to the store? 
A. No, instead you can order from this bookstore website, which continues to be open. 

Q. My textbooks are in my dorm room or other location which I cannot access due to COVID-19 restrictions, how can I get a copy of those books? 
A. There are digital eBook options available for many titles available through the store website. See the textbook page on the site for details.

Selling Back Textbooks (Book Buyback)

Q. Can I sell my textbooks back to the bookstore? 
A. Yes, if your campus store is open. If your campus store is closed, customers at U.S. locations can sell back books online (ship your books) through the “Sell Your Textbooks” link in the site footer. For customers in Canada, Online Buyback is not currently available. 

(U.S. Stores Only) How to Sell Your Textbooks Online 

  1. Click “Sell Your Textbooks” link from the website footer.
  2. On the Sell Your Textbooks page, refer to the Online section and click “Sell Your Textbooks” button.