June 16, 2014 Board of Trustees Minutes

Board Chair Michele Hamm called the Pratt Community College Board of Trustees meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Mr. Darrell Shumway led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Trustees Stan Reimer, Mike Koler, Dwane DeWeese, Darrell Shumway, Jeff Shumway, Ken Van Blaricum and Michele Hamm were present.

Also in attendance were VP of Finance and Operations Kent Adams, VP of Instruction Dr. Joe Varrientos, VP of Students & Enrollment Management Lisa Perez Miller, Dr. Mike Westerhaus Asst. VP of Instruction and AD Kurt McAfee and Director of the Foundation Ann Ruder.

Others in attendance were Miss Kansas Amanda Sasek, Ms. Amy Jackson Director of Student Success, Gale Rose, reporter for Pratt Tribune, Jess Hoeme, Attorney at Law with Joseph, Hollander & Craft LLC. and Gail Withers, Dean of Nursing.

Minutes were recorded by Debbie Hearn.

Dr. Calvert recognized Mr. DeWeese for being nominated by Sandy Foster’s 8th grade class as being a local hero. Ms. Foster’s class had over 50 essays and Mr. DeWeese was chosen one of the top ten.

The Topic of Discussion – Rodeo Update –
• Dr. Calvert had met with Mr. Jess Hoeme to discuss the option of adding a beer garden in conjunction to the PCC Rodeo to be held on October 3-5.
• It needs to be a controlled environment. Mr. Hoeme suggested possibly setting up six (6) foot panels with one gate. There would need to be a security person at the gate, checking id and bracelets.
• Each individual that is legal drinking age of 21 would receive a bracelet as they enter the beer garden. If anyone is caught in the beer garden under age would be escorted out.
• There are numerous questions that still need to be answered before the Board of Trustees will act on having a beer garden at the rodeo.
• There would be a beer vendor brought in, no PCC employees, Board of Trustee members would be serving beer.
• After much discussion, it was tabled until more questions have been answered.

Board Education Topic – Student Success

Ms. Jackson, Director of the Student Success Center presented to the Board:
The Transition of Students with Disabilities to Post- secondary Education.
• The admissions process
o Standardized testing and entrance exams
o Compass test
o Asset Test
• Inquiring about a disability – PCC staff/faculty cannot ask about any disabilities that a student may have.
• Identifying students with disabilities – the student must self-disclose their disability to staff/faculty.
• Post Admission: Documentation is a must.
• Academic adjustments –
o Reduce course load
o Auxiliary aids
 Extended test times
 Readers
 Note takers
• Post Admission documentation:
o Documents from the medical doctor on how the disability effects the student: example IEP (Individual Education Plan)

Communication to the Board:

The Board clerk read several thank you notes from high schools that PCC donated to their after prom parties.

The Board received a thank you from Juanne Landry’s family for the flowers and donation made in honor of her mother.

Ms. Hearn read a thank you note from Miss Dodge City thanking PCC for hosting the Miss Kansas pageant.

PCC and the Board of Trustees received a thank you note for the memorial in Bonnie Dudley’s name.

Sandra Wagner thanked PCC and the Board of Trustees for the gift she received for her accomplishment in receiving her Bachelor’s degree.

Kansas State University thanked PCC for hosting the 2014 Tractor Safety Operator’s Course.

The Calendar of Events was presented on page 3.

Consent Agenda:
1. Minutes from the May 19, 2014 Board Meeting were presented on pages 4-8.
There were no additions or corrections.

2. Personnel Actions was presented on page 9-11.
Sandra Whitsell was hired as a nursing instructor in Wichita.

3. Financial Reports were presented on pages 12-17.

• Mr. Adams running favorable for the year.
• Vehicle taxes were higher than expected.
• EduKan payment will be approximately $141,000, and the check will mailed by the end of June.
• PCC makes up 30% of the EduKan enrollment.
• Mr. Adams will setup a separate general ledger account code to keep Board travel separate from any other charges for the Board such as the retreat.
4. Enrollment Management Report was presented on pages 18-20.
• Ms. Miller reported enrollment was down 7% for summer and 4% for the fall semester.
• The Administration will discuss what can be done to improve the enrollment at the Administration retreat to be held on June 17.
• Resident Halls are full.
• Beaver Building Day had 52 students on campus.
• Mr. Jeff Shumway wanted to know where PCC is lacking because of loss of enrollment. Dr. Calvert and Ms. Miller replied numerous reasons. The Administration will be reviewing the non-tradional student areas to see if the college can expand growth in that area.
• Dr. Varrientos reported that he expects more high school concurrent enrollment. PCC is putting auto lifts in a couple of high schools to help their automotive program. There will be a new EPT training site in Wichita.

5. MIS Reports there were none for the month of June.
6. Development/Foundation Report was presented on pages 21-22.
• Ms. Ruder reported the Foundation is planning a scholarship banquet for the fall 2014.
• The Auction date has been set for April 24, 2015.
No additions or corrections.
7. Learning Resource Center Report was presented on page 23.
No additions or corrections
8. Nursing Accreditation Update was presented on pages 24-42
• Dr. Withers will be attending each Board meeting to provide any answers that the Board may have. At this point the date for the Nursing accreditation site visit has not been set. Possibly it will be in January or February of 2015.
• Dr. Calvert had a meeting with the nursing faculty/staff to let them know that PCC and the Board are 100% committed to get the accreditation completed and passed.
9. Status of Projects was presented on pages 43-51.
• The Title III grant will be completed September 30, 2014.
10. Administrative Policies for Board review were presented on pages 52-55.

• Board Chair Hamm asked for a motion to accept the consent agenda. Mr. Dwane DeWeese moved to accept the consent agenda and Mr. Stan Reimer seconded. Motion carried.

Action Items:

1. Ratify waiver of Board Policy 3-07.

Mr. Darrell Shumway moved to waive Board Policy 3-07 for the sole-source rental of a bucket truck from Kenny’s Electric in Hutchinson in the amount of $2,160. This was sole-source since this was the only bucket truck we could locate in the area with the capability of going high enough to change the lights at Stanion Field.

 Mr. Jeff Shumway seconded. Motion carried.

2. Approval of Special Fees as follows:
 Proposed approval for Special Fees


Nursing On-Line Programming Fee - $200 per semester programming fee for on-line LPN to RN. When the administration meets with on-line nursing students they feel that PCC doesn’t charge enough. The typical student is a working adult needing on-line course delivery. This would generate $34,560 that would be used to supplement the general operating funds of PCC.

Farrier Science Fee – The Farrier science program has supplies such as propane and shoeing supplies that are expensive. The proposed fee would be $30 per credit hour for each Farrier science course. The fee would generate $3,969 per year that would go into the fees account to help fund the extra expenses.

Wildlife Outfitting & Operations Fee – The wildlife outfitting and operations program has a number of fieldtrips that are costly. The proposed fee would be $25 per credit hour for each wildlife outfitting and operations course. The fee would generate $2,115 per year that would go into the fees account to help fund the extra expenses.

 Mr. Jeff Shumway moved to approve the above Special Fees.
 Mr. Koler seconded. Motion carried

4. First Reading of Board Policy 3-04 Compensation and Benefits.
 Mr. Darrell Shumway moved to waive the second reading and to approve Board Policy 3-04 Compensation and Benefits
 Mr. Jeff Shumway seconded. Motion carried.

5. First Reading of Board Policy 3-03 Treatment of Personnel.
 Mr. Jeff Shumway moved to waive the second reading and approve Board Policy 3-03 Treatment of Personnel.
 Mr. Koler seconded. Motion carried.

1. Faculty Report nothing for June.

2. Staff Report nothing for June.

3. Other: Mr. Dwane DeWeese thanked Stephanie and Eric Thompson, Kurt McAfee, Nate Lawrence and Terry Jochems for all of their effort during the State 4A Baseball Tournament. Mr. McAfee thanked everyone who helped. “It was a team effort.”

Comments from the Public:
• Mr. Rose expressed a concern about the beer garden at the rodeo.
• Mr. Rose stated he had heard a lot of compliments on the college and community from Miss Kansas contestants, families and friends.

Comments from the President:
• Dr. Calvert reported PCC has hired a new men’s soccer coach.
• Dr. Calvert was a part of the WATC graduation ceremony.
• Dr. Calvert thanked everyone that worked on the Aspen Award.
• Dr. Calvert attended many other activities including rodeo meetings, nursing advisory meeting in Winfield and Miss Kansas Pageant.
• Dr. Calvert recognized Michele Hamm on the presentation she made at Garden City at the quarterly KACCT meeting.
• Also congratulated Michele Hamm for becoming the new secretary of KACCT.

Comments for the Board Chair:
• Ms. Hamm thanked Lisa Miller and Leighanne Dean for creating the presentation she gave at KACCT.
• The lobbyist that KACCT has been using has asked for a substantial raise for their fees from KACCT for 2015.
• Mr. Koler attended the public policy meeting and reported that Mr. John Masterson asked each trustee to contact their legislators.
• Mr. Darrell Shumway and Mr. Reimer attended the advocacy group meeting and the discussion on a new president leadership training course.

Mr. Darrell Shumway moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:42p.m. Mr. DeWeese seconded. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.