Institutional Core Values

PCC is committed to the success of its students, the institution and its service area. The following values, of equal weight and importance, are stated as a guide to Pratt Community College present and future operations in the performance of its mission and supporting functions.

Quality Learning
To foster a community of well-prepared learners who can successfully meet the demands of advanced academic study or entry-level employment. To provide both personal and professional development opportunities for the college’s employees.

To be fair, honest and objective in all PCC internal and external practices.

Customer Service
To provide the highest quality of customer service by delivering personal, individualized attention, and anticipating and responding to all customers’ needs in a professional, polite and prompt manner.

Collaboration and Teamwork
To value the contributions of internal constituents – Board, administration and employees, working to achieve common goals and celebrating accomplishments. To develop mutually beneficial objectives and relationships with the community, business and industry.

To use a creative, mission- driven approach, capitalizing on existing resources, to develop new growth opportunities and continuously improve internal operations.

Fiscal Viability
To maintain financial responsibility with all resources entrusted to Pratt Community College.

Diversity Statement
Pratt Community College respects, values and celebrates the diversity of our students,
faculty, staff and the communities we serve, believing that diversity enriches the
educational experience.

Enrollment stability is fundamental to Pratt Community College remaining a dynamic,
student-centered institution. Enrollment stability will occur when Pratt defines in
measurable terms the value it wants to create for its students and other stakeholders,
including the intended outcomes. Setting and achieving enrollment goals will drive
student success and support fiscal viability as well.

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Board Policy

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Monday, June 21, 2004

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