Student Rights and Due Process Procedure

  1. The Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty recognize the right of a PCC student, as an adult member of society and as a citizen of the United States of America, to exercise the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech, assembly, and peaceful association, which shall be diligently protected. PCC will, indeed, guard these rights in behalf of all persons associated with the institution or group.
  2. Student rights and a code of conduct are described in the current edition of the PCC College Catalog and Student Handbook. If disciplinary action against a PCC student is initiated, a speedy and fair hearing before the appropriate college official, committee, or both is guaranteed. Decisions of officials and committees charged with disciplinary responsibilities may be appealed through the appropriate process and channel to the President of the College, who may elect to either render a direct decision or refer the case to a disciplinary panel. The decision of the President, regarding such matters, will be final.
  3. Documentation of student disciplinary actions and records of the proceedings of disciplinary panels are governed under FERPA and are not subject to the Open Records/Freedom of Information Act. Student disciplinary panel proceedings are closed sessions and are not subject to the Open Meetings Act because of the nature of those proceedings.
  4. Pratt Community College students have five opportunities for due process relating to 1) athletics, 2) academics, 3) residence hall infractions, and 4) general student conduct 5) loss or reduction of financial aid. Rules and procedures governing due process in each of these areas are described in both the catalog, Student Handbook, and Athletic Department Handbook.
  5. The president, in accordance with Board Policy 3-03, is the final authority for all appeals.
    1. For athletic matters the Athletic Director is the first step in the administrative appeals process.
    2. For academics, the VP for Instruction is the first step in the administrative appeals process.
    3. For financial aid, the VP for Finance & Operations is the first step in the administrative appeals process.
    4. For all other cases, the VP for Students/Enrollment Management is the first step on the administrative appeals process.
  6. The Student Handbook and Catalog are available to students on the college website. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the content of the Student Handbook and Catalog.

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